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“Well Em, today is the first day in 48 years that I haven’t owned a dairy cow,” Dad said to me as we wrapped up our annual New Year’s Day dinner with the family.

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Just about one year ago, I opined on this page that the dairy industry’s rate of adoption for new technology was slow.

At the time, we started an experiment to observe dairy producers test-driving a few hand-picked new technologies to see just how easy it was for forward-thinking, tech-savvy dairy managers to adopt them.

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Here is a listing of the stories that made a difference in 2014.

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It was December of 1987, the same year that Progressive Dairyman made its debut as a viable dairy publication (in March). My 82-year-old dad was gradually losing his strength as the effects of cancer were completing their merciless attacks upon his once-healthy body.

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The Christmas season is here again. Finally!

I have to admit that with four children and 5 acres at home to take care of, it seems Christmas seasons come and go faster than they used to.

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top 25 Progressive Dairyman articles of 2014

Each December, Progressive Dairyman pulls a list of our most popular online content, based on Google Analytics. This list reflects content published at during the timeframe of Nov. 1, 2013 through Nov. 1, 2014.

Be sure to visit the links below to read each article in its entirety and see follow-up questions and responses.

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