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Dearn Editor:

Here is my op-ed response to the recent article by Emily Meredith. Thank you for the opportunity.I was disappointed to see a recent article by Emily Meredith from the Animal Agriculture Alliance in Progressive Dairyman.

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I have a confession to make. I love pretty cows.

It’s true. They are my guilty pleasure. There is something beautiful and majestic about a cow that stands 65 inches tall at the hip, with her long, lean neck stretched out as she glides around a show ring. Silky, shiny and ultra-dairy, with ribs wide enough to fit a fist between and an out-of-this-world udder glossed up and bagged tight with milk.

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For the first time in Progressive Dairyman’s history, we’ve lost one of our own. Former employee and graphic designer Leon “Randy” Hale passed away at the end of May. He was 70.

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Dear Editor:

I read your editorial, “Dairy is a risky business, and you’re OK with that” in the May 7 issue. Risk taking is a great American phenomenon. However, there is no reason dairying should be inherently any riskier than other types of farming. It is heavy government intervention that makes dairy more risky than crop farming, for example.

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This June marks 10 years since I began my year as a county dairy princess. I’m struggling with the fact that I’m now old enough to remember something that happened a decade ago.

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From time to time, many of us are called to give back in some way to the industry that has given us so much. Sometimes, it is in giving back that we gain even more.

Recently, I was just one of more than 200 volunteers who devoted a day or two to educating roughly 1,000 youth about the career opportunities in agriculture.

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