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El Lechero Dairy Basics - Herd Health
Monday, 14 November 2011 13:56

el_english_badgeLeakage current (also known as stray voltage) is simply excessive current flowing on the grounding network of a facility.

Leakage current can cause stress to livestock, resulting in numerous animal health and cow comfort issues, which normally lead to a decrease in milk production.

This excessive current could be generated by an off-farm source, such as a utility company or a neighboring facility, or from an on-farm source such as defective equipment, variable speed drives (VSDs), electronic ballasts or faulty wiring.

To correct any leakage current issue, you must:

• Define and measure the source

• Correct the issue

• Re-measure to ensure excessive current is eliminated

The figures below are some examples of how excessive leakage current can occur.  EL

0411el_agrivolt_fg_1 0411el_agrivolt_fg_2


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