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Progressive Publishing began more than 20 years ago. Founder Leon Leavitt designed the company’s first publication, Progressive Dairyman, to provide timely, professional information to dairy farmers in Idaho.

Over the years, Progressive Dairyman has grown in influence, becoming the source of dairy information in the Northwest and securing many loyal readers throughout the U.S. We now publish three additional magazines: El Lechero, Progressive Forage Grower and Progressive Cattleman.

Each year our company’s titles have grown in influence, and additional editors and editorial staff have been hired to handle the rapidly expanding responsibilities involved in delivering award-winning content to our readers.

Today we remain committed to disseminating, electronically and in print, pertinent information addressing all aspects of dairy and forage production and management. All four of our company’s magazines have a nationwide audience, reaching nearly 94,000 readers.

Our company handles all aspects of its magazines’ creation and circulation. From writing and editing to full-service ad design and layout, we are committed to providing unbiased, professional information relevant to the producers and advertisers in today’s agricultural markets. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our readers.

Our magazines

aboutus_pdcoverProgressive Dairyman is rated by producers and dairy-related professionals as one of the leading industry-specific publications.

Progressive Dairyman magazine combines current news and events, market reports and industry trends with dairy management and production articles, publishing information dairymen can rely on to help serve their farms’ needs.

Frequency: 18x per year
Circulation: 27,789









aboutus_elcoverEl Lechero
is the bilingual magazine of choice for U.S. dairy producers, herdsmen and their dairy teams. The content is written so every person at the dairy can benefit from the information inside. Side-by-side bilingual translations of every article make it easy for managers to see exactly what is being taught to employees. In addition, articles cover all facets of work on the dairy, from basic calf and parlor management to dealing with employees on every level at the dairy.

Frequency: 4x per year
Circulation: 11,667









aboutus_fgcoverProgressive Forage Grower
reaches the largest hay, silage forage producers in the U.S. These producers are looking for information to fine-tune their management and forage-harvesting practices.

Progressive Forage Grower provides that information with research-based articles on forage quality, irrigation, pests, diseases, storage, crop varieties, weed control, marketing and more.

Frequency: 9x per year
Circulation: 40,363










aboutus_pccoverProgressive Cattleman
provides forward-thinking beef producers with practical, unbiased operation and management articles, timely news, cutting-edge technology and thought-provoking opinions.

Frequency: 12x per year
Circulation: 31,000 



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