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March 12

Current Progressive Dairyman Digital Edition

Need inspiration? Progressive Dairyman’s fifth issue of the year tells the uplifting stories of the dairy industry. Be sure to read the cover story, about a dairyman’s last wish to visit a modern dairy farm. Or find out how one farm widow spent 30 years dairying solo, despite the odds against her. And hear how an injured farmer’s neighbors pitched in to harvest crops.

Once you had your fill of feel-good articles, dive into business management, this issue’s focus. Learn the three fundamental drivers of agriculture’s economy, or consider a timely finical tune-up for your operation. Also, read about two dairies’ strategies for success despite low milk prices. Lastly, read about how one dairywoman gave up a great job to go back to the farm.

Also be sure to read Tom Heck’s article, “It just isn’t cutting it.”


Progressive Dairyman Issue 1 2017

January 1

In Progressive Dairyman’s first issue of the year, we take a look at how 2017 is taking off for the dairy industry in our news and business section. See what milk prices are doing, and how much milk cows are now producing. Do you have a few millennials on your farm? This issue outlines the best way to work alongside them.

A.I. and breeding, cow comfort, facilities and design, and equipment are the issue’s main subjects. Learn how to improve estrus detection. Brush up in the basics of estrus synchronization and timed A.I. Also, are you redesigning or updating your farm? Get a few tips for how to design your stalls here. Or see how you could design your transition cow facilities. It’s that time of year for equipment maintenance: Don’t forget to check over your stock trailer.

Be sure to read Yevet Tenney’s article, “Four sure ways to improve your new year.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 2 2017

January 19

In the second issue of 2017, Progressive Dairyman is taking a good look at milk quality and calf and heifer raising.

First, check out the upcoming events, including the World Ag Expo and Pennsylvania’s 2017 Diary Summit. This issue will let you know what to expect at the events.

Learn these seven areas of calf care and see where you can improve. Do you have auto-feeders for your calves? Your calves may not be eating like you think. Find out more in this issue.

Are your milkers less than enthusiastic about their job? Learn how to engage them and help them know the importance of their job. As winter gets yet colder, learn how to prevent teat-end frostbite. Also, see methods for treating frostbite injuries before mastitis sets in. Speaking of mastitis, see this new method for detecting mastitis early.

Don’t forget to read Ryan Dennis’ article, “What’s actually lost in translation.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 3 2017

February 7

Progressive Dairyman’s third issue of the year will be tackling the controversial subject of GMOs. Can a non-GMO dairy supply chain be created under a traditional business model? How are companies in the dairy supply chain approaching the non-GMO issue? Who is driving the non-GMO movement? And who is defending the GMOs? This and much more is discussed here.

Also a major subject in this issue is forages and silages. What should you expect when feeding the 2016 silage crop? How should you feed high-acetic acid silages, and how could you prevent it in the future? Also, see how canola meal is ideally suited as a protein source for dairy cows.

Be sure to read Tom Heck’s article, “Don’t forget your valentine,” or Ryan Dennis’ article, “Social farming.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 4 2017

February 25

In this Progressive Dairyman issue, we will be focusing on breeding and A.I. See how a genetic mutation from one bull caused the loss of 500,000 calves. Learn the two keys to achieving high milk yields and pregnancy rates. And here’s an odd question for you: Can dairy reproduction be too efficient?

Also included in this issue is dry and transition cows, and manure handling. Read part one of the article, “10 steps for a successful transition period.” Learn the best practices for calving assistance, and learn four ways to reduce the risk of transition cow problems. For manure handling, find opportunities to get the job done quickly and safely. Also, see how two dairies installed manure handling systems to meet their needs.

Also be sure to read Tim Moffett’s article, “Farm day care.”