• Country Dairy transitions to non-GMO supply chain

    Meet Country Dairy, located near New Era, Michigan.

    While much of the attention on a non-GMO dairy supply chain has been on the East and West coasts and in small niche markets, Country Dairy is trying to create a larger presence in the Midwest.

  • Dare you to Dairy Challenge

    In February, I participated in the 2017 Midwest Regional Dairy Challenge contest in Madison, Wisconsin. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a contest where one sits at a table and chugs a gallon of milk faster than the next person without throwing up. Although something of the sort would have been epic, I am thankful I was not asked to do so.

  • Slideshow: Dairying in Europe

    Chrissy Meyer has roots on a small Wisconsin dairy farm, but her career has taken her overseas, where she has visited dairies in countries like the Netherlands, Italy and Wales. See how dairying in these places is not so different from the U.S. in these photos.

  • The pickle of high-acetic acid silages

    The goal of ensiling a forage crop is to conserve as much as possible of the nutrient and dry matter (DM) content in the crop at the time of harvest.