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  1. Re: Five-day E. coli treatment of gram-negative mastitis largely garners favor

    Posted on Thursday, 02 May 2013 by IDLaura.

    Idaho has a Small Herd Exemption program where we can sell...

  2. Re: Update on South Dakota's dairy industry: An interview with Governor Dennis Daugaard

    Posted on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 by Lancelot's Mom.

    Lancelot said, "Thank You! I would love to see more dairy cows in South...

  3. Re: Texas Longhorns win Animart's 'Dairy vs. Beef Madness' matchup

    Posted on Tuesday, 23 April 2013 by Greg Wiener.

    Being a producer/breeder of Texas Longhorn cattle for over 25 years...


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  • 0107 ANM: FFA Legacy

    They stood before me as I was signing books in my booth at the National FFA Convention this fall in Indianapolis. The man showed his age but was still holding up. “This is gonna be my last,” he said. ...
  • 0107 ANM: Remember who you are & what you represent

    Two months ago, a vote was taken in Arizona. Not a vote about legislators or representatives, but a vote that had to do with agriculture. Most people throughout the United States had very little knowledge or understanding about the measure, but its future...


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