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  1. Re: Preguntas sobre calidad de la leche: ¿Cómo se desarrolla la mastitis en la ubre?

    Posted on Thursday, 31 January 2013 by octavio martinez.

    yo como ordenador al detectar una vaca con mastitis que es lo que debo...

  2. Re: Entendiendo su reporte de calidad de la leche

    Posted on Sunday, 27 January 2013 by Fabian Bernal.

    Sr. Gregorio Cabrera González: En mi opinión la acidez de la leche...

  3. Re: Third nostril doesn’t bother North Carolina cow

    Posted on Thursday, 24 January 2013 by Brenda.

    FYI- Humans can be born with a third nostril. My son was born 10 years...



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PD POLL: Should the sale of raw milk be legalized?

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Written by PD staff   

top25This article was #1 in PDmag's Top 25 most-well read articles in 2011.

Summary: With nearly 7,300 pageviews, our raw milk poll easily topped the list of the most well-read articles at www.progressivedairy.com. In our August 11th issue, we explained that a particular interest group, Weston A. Price Foundation, encouraged its members to vote on the poll. This campaign led to results on the poll with 4,000 votes of "yes" and 80 votes with "no." Click here to see the results.

Do you have any idea for a hot topic poll question? Email your suggestion to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

[Click here or on the image above right to see the full list of the Top 25 articles of 2011. Click here to see the list from 2010.]

Click here to download a pdf of the latest poll question from Progressive Dairyman: Should the sale of unpasteurized (raw) milk be legalized in all 50 states? Print off and mail in the form on the pdf, or use the poll on the right hand side of your screen to cast your vote online.  PD

PD POLL: Should the sale of raw milk be legalized? [June 10]
PD POLL: Should the sale of raw milk be legalized? [July 1]
PD POLL: Should the sale of raw milk be legalized? [July 21]
Weston A. Price Foundation members rally for raw milk
Organic, raw milk producer: ‘Dead dairy is dying’
Raw milk may pose health risk
PD POLL: Should the sale of raw milk be legalized? [August 11]


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