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The Milk House

Web Tool: Ideal Commercial Cow Index

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Tech Tools - Web Tools
Written by Progressive Dairyman Editor Peggy Coffeen   
Wednesday, 08 October 2014 09:44

Dairy producers can now select for cows genetically designed to thrive in commercial dairy environments.

The Ideal Commercial Cow (ICC) Index made its debut with the August 2014 sire summary. Angie D. Coburn, associate vice president, dairy genetics, Genex Cooperative Inc./CRI, discusses how producers can use this new sire ranking tool to choose bulls with the best traits for feed efficiency, health, fertility, conformation and calving.


Web tool: Calf Math calculates herd's heifer needs

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Tech Tools - Web Tools
Written by Progressive Dairyman Editor Peggy Coffeen   
Monday, 28 April 2014 16:16

How many replacement heifers does your dairy really need? Do the math with Calf Math. This free-to-use web tool from Genex Cooperative calculates heifer needs based on a herd’s targeted cull rate and growth rate, with adjustable parameters to fit the individual dairy. Genex’s Kristi Fiedler, associate vice president of U.S. technical services, discusses how and why to use this online estimator.


Manage manure runoff risk with online map

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Tech Tools - Web Tools
Written by Progressive Dairyman Editor Karen Lee   
Friday, 28 February 2014 13:21

wisconsin manure management advisory systemAs the snow begins to melt, frost leaves the ground and rain showers fall, farmers are busy applying manure and other nutrients to their fields in advance of spring planting.

Considering this is also the time of year when the risk of manure runoff is greatest, a tool was developed to help farmers and other applicators determine which days are better for spreading and, more importantly, which days to avoid.


Predict profitability with UWCU-Repro$ tool

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Tech Tools - Web Tools
Written by Progressive Dairyman Editor Peggy Coffeen   
Friday, 07 February 2014 12:53

How could adding activity monitors, changing synchronization protocols, or improving heat detection affect your dairy’s bottom line? Find out with the UWCU-Repro$ tool.


Featured dairy app: Milk Quality

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Tech Tools - Featured Apps
Tuesday, 21 January 2014 09:19

Top 25This article was #18 of the Top 25 most well-read articles on www.progressivedairy.com in 2014. Click here to jump to the video. The article that describes the app was published in the Jan. 1, 2014 print issue, and the video was featured in the Jan. 27, 2014 Extra e-newsletter.

This popular article featured the Milk Quality app, developed by Dairy Quality Inc. The app works with a device that reads milk samples. John Tremelin, a dairy producer from Ontario, was able to use the app to find suspect animals and be able to tag the milk and keep it out of the tank.

Last Updated on Monday, 01 December 2014 15:02

New app gives instant SCC results

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Tech Tools - Featured Apps
Written by PD Editorial Intern Melissa Miller   
Thursday, 26 December 2013 14:44

Milk Quality appA new app is changing the way dairymen track milk quality. The Milk Quality app allows an instant, cowside somatic cell count using an iPhone.

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