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On the Edge of Common Sense: Food and fiber

Baxter Black Published on 26 April 2011

I was pondering on the seemingly frivolous tendency of humans to disregard some of the basic accomplishments that brought mankind to our esteemed place on the planet Earth in the 21st century.

For example, in order to move beyond the gathering roots and berries phase, they discovered the life-giving dense protein – meat.



In the progression of civilization, they learned how to hunt. The benefits of adding meat to their diet were stupendous! In addition to the gift of time saved, the carcass provided leather and fur.

Then came shoes, belts, slingshots, saddles, robes, blankets and mammoth jerky! Not to mention insulin, ice cream and Jello!

The basic necessities of life – food, clothing and shelter – must be achieved before opera, texting and Monday Night Football. But in the midst of our progress, out steps our own version of Kim Jong II … the bumbling animal rights group PETA!

They stamp their feet and make outrageous threats; “Don’t wear fur or we’ll pour paint on you! Don’t use lab animals for research or we’ll … maybe somebody else will burn down your laboratory! Don’t breed purebred dogs or we’ll get Big Sister HSUS to throw darts at you!”

But their stories grow tedious. I notice the wearing of fur is coming back into fashion. Of course, people “up north” never quit wearing fur. They still have that connection to the millions of ancestors who wore fur down through the ages.


I’m guessing the anti-fur advocates have been quietly buying stock in Chevron and BP. These advocates prefer that the Earth deplete itself of fossil fuels to make synthetic clothes before we should consider wearing coyote coats, mink collars or fox mukluks.

I should ask PETA why they have not encouraged people to go into the sheep business. Wool is nature’s greatest insulator. You can shear them every year, then eat them and use their parts. Modern animal science gets more out of the complete beast than even the Indians did!

But nary a word from PETA. They could be endorsing Pendleton or the Navajos! Have their own blanket line or puppy vest.

Wool and fur are in the same venerable category as trees and water. They are practical, proven, Earth-conscious, environmentally sound, globally useful, recyclable, all natural, first choice for covering our naked bodies.

In typical deference, decent people have tolerated PETA’s verbal abuse and lunacy like we tolerate a spoiled child’s tantrums. I am glad they are losing relevance in the real world.

Their kind could only exist at a time in Earth’s history when virtual reality, the next American Idol, and the Kardashian sisters dominate our culture.


Well, enough of that. Now where did I put my mastodon slippers? I need to go check my traps. PD