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Baxter Black

Baxter Black tackles ag issues with a strong funny bone. Black is an American cowboy, poet, philosopher and former veterinarian.


Beware connoisseurs! A new discovery may change the way America eats. Love your broccoli? Savor your homegrown tomatoes? Would give your eye teeth for a blueberry pie?

This discovery could create sweeping protests and black markets like marijuana has never seen. Plants feel pain. That’s right, plants feel pain.

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When someone tells me they grew up on a dairy farm, I say, “You have paid your dues, my son.”

The offspring of a dairyman that follows in his father’s footsteps is as scarce as a second-generation Nobel Prize winner, bomb dismantler or president of North Korea. So it is with pleasure that I congratulate those dairymen who are havin’ a heyday this year.

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Jeff needed a workin’ pen for his little herd of cows. He decided all he needed was some panels and a head gate. He rounded up some 16-foot panels of continuous fence, a metal head gate and two 8-foot posts.

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It all started because Jo wanted a small lawn behind the house. Tom encouraged her. Tom’s friend offered to lend them his heavy-duty, magnum, Humvee version of a tiller.

Jo borrowed my Ram diesel to pick it up in Sierra Vista, 30 miles away. I received the call at sundown. She was broke down. “It won’t start.”

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The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has brought to a head a common point of contention that has happened in state after state. It is a generational change, a population shift that is the result of the inevitable roll of civilization.

It also marks a shift from rural to urban.

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Man against beast is a theme in many a story, from days of yore to 21st-century wolves ravaging baby calves.It normally takes a hero to slay the dragon or sue the EPA.

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