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From the editorial team

Published on 28 June 2019

Today we introduce a small change with a big meaning. We have removed “man” from our name plate in order for the second part of our name to be as open-minded as the first. With the removal of that three-letter word, our editors reaffirm their commitment to every dairy producer and all the industry professionals who support them.




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Our focus has always been and will continue to be on the dairy farmer. We take pride in the range of information we publish – information that is as diverse as our geography, the breeds of cattle we milk, the styles of management we employ and the various scales of operation we have adopted. We write for the dairy industry as a whole – for dairies, their veterinarians, their nutritionists, their employees and the allied businesses that exist only if dairies thrive.

While the original, 30-plus-year-old name of this magazine was never intended to exclude, times are changing. Words have more meaning than ever. They praise, put down, divide and unite. We assert the importance of everyone’s contributions in our industry. We desire for all to feel included in the mission of Progressive Dairy magazine – to provide all forward-thinking dairy producers with relevant and useful information that improves the profitability and efficiency of their farm businesses.

We unanimously announce this change and invite all to embrace its intended message of inclusivity.  end mark

—Progressive Dairy editors:
Walt Cooley, Peggy Coffeen, Emily Gwin, Jenna Hurty-Person, Karen Lee, Dave Natzke, Audrey Schmitz