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Progressive Dairyman's Top 25 of 2011

PD staff Published on 30 November 2011


We've created a list of our Top 25 most well-read articles in 2011* on Each article features a summary, and many have follow-up questions and responses or updates on the topic discussed.



Click a link below to get started. You can also see a full list in Issue 18 of Progressive Dairyman magazine, arriving in mailboxes December 12.

*Articles ranked through Google Analytics metrics, November 1, 2010 through November 1, 2011.

[Click here to see the list from 2010.]

#1: PD POLL: Should the sale of raw milk be legalized?

#2: PETA proposes new welfare standards for animals on dairy farms


#3: Profitable feeding programs for dairy cattle

#4: Horses save milk truck stuck in the snow

#5: Can biochar help you realize more value from manure?

#6: Progressive Dairyman's 2011 Ice Cream Flavor Face-Off

#7: Use of dried manure solids as bedding for dairy cows

#8: Four State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference


#9: Four New York dairies take innovative steps to achieve optimal cow comfort

#10: Increase profitability by breeding the perfect grazing cow

#11: What makes a Millionaire Model Dairy Farm successful?

#12: Ohio producer takes advantage of technology with robots

#13: Cool stuff we saw at World Ag Expo

#14: New Products

In April 2010, we decided to create a section on the website for "New Products," which we defined to be any kind of a new offering or model as well as information about an update or modification to an existing product. The website is updated with each print issue, typically twice a month. In the print magazine, you can find New Product information toward the back of each publication.

#15: Market Watch

In this section, newly launched in 2011, find out detailed analysis and commentary of feed, cattle, milk and dairy product prices and margins. See how much corn is selling for across the country, where you can find the cheapest heifer replacements or if producers in your state are going to produce more milk this year than they did last year. Market Watch is updated every three weeks to track these and other critical price points impacting producer pay price.

#16: Dairy industry responds to latest undercover animal abuse video

#17: Producers discuss genomics testing

#18: Colostrum: Not just for the first 24 hours

#19: PD Poll: “Who is responsible for reducing the amount of antibiotic residues in meat?” [RESULTS]

#20: How much grain should our weaned calves eat?

#21: Video: Dissection of a cow's teat and udder

#22: Cows are comfortable at Fetzer Farms

#23: Cows are treated like royalty in unique barn design

#24: Repurposed corner: 275-gallon totes

#25: Penn State students experience Costa Rican culture, dairy farms