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Progressive Dairyman's Top 25 of 2013

PD staff Published on 04 December 2013


Progressive Dairyman staff has once again pulled a list of the articles that were most well-read during Oct. 30, 2012 through Oct. 30, 2013 at



Be sure to visit the links below to read each article in its entirety and see follow-up questions and responses.

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1. Two dairymen are making profits with sprout fodder systems
2. Wisconsin farm hits 104.5-pound production record with robots
3. Understanding pump performance curves
4. Dairy Carrie ruffles Panera's feathers with social media
5. The Milk House: The White Revolution
6. Oregon dairy transitions from sand to waterbeds
7. All ears, new sensor is a triple threat
8. Nutraceuticals: What are they and what do you do with them?
9. Cow-Side Investigation, Part 1: Resting positions
10. Milk-based pregnancy tests: Considering cost factors
11. Yosemite Dairy: Bringing the calves home
12. Chaney's Dairy Barn wins 2013 Flavor Faceoff
13. Les Hansen on crossbreeding: Video footage from 2013 World Ag Expo
14. Instantaneous feeding decisions make dairies more productive
15. Arizona dairyman is singing the praises of polled genetics
16. Central Sands Dairy beds with sand and digests too
17. Benefits of controlled diets for dairy cows
18. What we’ve learned from our automatic calf feeders
19. Dairy hopes to swap silage for beets
20. New video helps visualize cattle nutrition during transition period
21. Free traffic vs. directed-cow traffic in robotic milking barns
22. Experts present tips for making low-protein feeding work for your herd
23. How a Pennsylvania grazing dairy couple is passing the farm on
24. Study on genomic markers might help reverse low fertility in lactating dairy cows
25. HERd management: True confessions of a farmwife: I didn’t love the farm at first