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Thank you for your birthday wishes

Progressive Dairyman Editor Walt Cooley Published on 21 August 2015

The last time I wrote on this page, I challenged you to share with us a story about how something we’ve published has made a difference to you. I knew I could count on you to deliver.

Hearing your calls and reading your emails about the ways our work has influenced your lives were great birthday presents. Thank you to all of you who participated. In appreciation, I share a few of the most touching comments you took the time to share.



First, Evelyn Guckenberg, a great-grandmother from Neenah, Wisconsin, wrote a letter to thank us for sending the magazine to her family’s dairy. She tends to her 20-month-old great-grandson regularly.

He “reads” or at least looks at all the pictures in each issue. She says the boy is articulate and already knowledgeable about every machine on the dairy and its name. He sounds like a future Progressive Dairyman reader for sure!

Evelyn’s great-grandson is representative of many other dairy families who receive our magazine. In the past, many of you have sent us pictures of your children while they page through the magazine or point at pictures they like in the magazine.

We know they know how to “read” the magazine by watching the examples of wise adult dairymen and dairywomen. We love to see a photo of a child reading Progressive Dairyman. They are a great compliment that all cow lovers, regardless of age, enjoy reading the magazine.

Next, Carolyn Pierce, a veterinarian from Heuvelton, New York, emailed to say thanks for two previous editorials that have appeared on this page. The first was published last December. Carolyn said she shared the article with her Sunday School class to remind them of the true meaning of the Christmas season.


The excerpt that inspired her to share the article with them was: “Remember, if a little voice whispers for you to do something nice for someone else, don’t wait. Do it right away.” She says it was “sage advice” that was similar to another editorial written more than four years ago.

The title of that editorial was “Always say hello and goodbye.” I wrote those thoughts after my grandfather passed away. An extra bit of thought went into those words. Thanks for reading, Carolyn.

Last month, I also received a call from Bob Borba, a dairyman in Hilmar, California. He called to say our articles are intriguing and his family always looks forward to reading each issue. He also wanted to thank our longest-running columnist Yevet Tenney for her writing.

He made sure to emphasize that even large-herd dairies in California are “down-to-earth” and can relate to her Christian messages. Others too wrote recently in appreciation of our carrying her column, calling it a “courageous act” while begging to “please keep it coming.” I can assure you as long as she is willing and able, we will.

Lastly, perhaps the most touching response of all came from Belle Center, Ohio. Stephen Miller wrote what I believe is an original poem in direct response to my last editorial. I’ve printed an excerpt from his hand-written work that was in part inspired by Isaiah 55:10-11. You can read the entire poem online and on our Facebook page.

And as the word that goeth forth
Will bring some fruit, we know,
of course
Nor will it ever come back void,
for everywhere it is employed,
It will accomplish what it should
And someday bring forth right
and good.


And who of us can ever know
To what extent the seed we sow
Will fall upon the fertile ground,
away from stones and thorns be found,
And maybe yield a hundredfold
My friend those things we are not told.

Thanks to all who have shared the “fruits of this magazine” in your lives. For each one of you who wrote in, there probably are a “hundredfold” more untold stories. We’re always ready to listen if you’d like to share one. PD

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