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HERd Management: 10-ish reasons to be thankful you’re a farmer in 2020

Annaliese Wegner for Progressive Dairy Published on 01 October 2020

Year 2020 – what a time to be alive. Can we all agree that this has been one of the worst years ever? It hasn’t been my favorite.

However, I have never been more thankful to be a farmer and to live rurally. We have it pretty good compared to those city slickers in tiny apartments and nowhere to go.



Here are 10 reasons to be thankful you are a farmer in 2020:

1 It’s business as usual on the farm. Sure, milk prices haven’t been the best at times, but we still have a job, a purpose and something to get us out of bed each day.

2 Socially distant in the workplace? Not a problem. It’s just me and the cows out here.

3 Room to run. I would be going insane if my kids didn’t have an outdoor space to run and play in. The farm is truly the best playground.

4 We always got take-out anyway. Restaurants closing has hardly phased us. Farmers are lucky if they have time to eat a meal at home – let alone travel to a restaurant and sit down for one.


5 No one to bother us. Sorry if you are a salesman reading this, but I must say that one of the COVID perks was no one randomly stopping at the farm to chat.

6 Extra help on the farm. Oh, no school? Shucks. Guess who is milking cows today, Timmy. You. You are.

7 Recognition. Seeing empty grocery store shelves was a little terrifying, but I really think it made consumers think about where their food comes from and appreciate farmers. If you thought seeing empty shelves was weird, can you imagine how someone who is very disconnected from agriculture felt? They probably thought they would starve to death.

8 Speaking of starving, I never really worried when I saw those empty shelves. I know the supply was there; it was just a matter of getting the product to the store more quickly. I also knew I had a chest freezer full of beef and a tanker full of milk. We would be just fine.

9 Appreciating the little things. If this year has taught me anything, it is to appreciate the little things. Things like family, quality time with the ones we love and food on the table. If you get anything from these crazy times, I hope it is that.

Oh. I said there were going to be 10 reasons to be thankful, didn’t I? Meh. Oh well, let’s just blame it on 2020. end mark


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