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HERd Management: World Dairy Expo: It’s for everyone

Rebecca Shaw for Progressive Dairy Published on 30 September 2019

World Dairy Expo (WDE) has always been one of my favorite weeks of the year. Sometimes, I think I’m even more excited about that first week in October than I am for my birthday (month) or Christmas.

First, it was four families packing into a couple of large vehicles and driving from Pennsylvania, stopping at the same Cracker Barrel in Ohio for breakfast along the way. Now I get to go and represent a company I love working for.



So it should come as no surprise that I was torn up when my best friend told me her wedding date was the last weekend of WDE this year. What was a surprise was that she wasn’t willing to move the wedding to Madison and have her reception at the Saturday night barn party.

This got me thinking … there are a lot of people who can’t enjoy WDE in person every year, or ever. But does that mean they can’t benefit from a world-wide collaboration of best-in-class dairy genetics and trade show vendors? Do those back at home holding the fort down not get to see their family glide around on the colored shavings? I had the opportunity to chat with Laura Herschleb, WDE marketing manager, and Katie Schmitt, WDE media relations specialist. They gave me the inside scoop on how they’re working to make it easier for anyone and everyone to access one of the world’s most influential, educational and inspirational events put on for the dairy industry.

“It’s critically important to us as a show to create these outlets,” Herschleb said. “We all understand how the dairy industry works. It’s not easy to get away. Because World Dairy Expo is the meeting place for the global dairy industry, it’s our hope everyone who wants to enjoy the show has the opportunity to, either in person or via our website and social media outlets. We continue to add various options that increase accessibility to dairy producers and enthusiasts from around the world who aren’t able to make the trip to Madison.”

This year, plan to whip up some homemade grilled cheese sandwiches and milkshakes, and experience WDE wherever you are through these five avenues Herschleb and Schmitt recommend.

1. ExpoTV

This is the next best thing to sitting ringside in the Coliseum or in the front row of an expo seminar or virtual farm tour. There are four live-stream channels that run during the event. Three of them cover the Dairy Cattle Show, so you can keep up with who’s on their way to the champion rounds. The fourth channel is called Expo360 and is where viewers can find expo seminars, virtual farm tours and dairy forage seminars during the week of WDE.


You can access all four channels from your computer, tablet or phone online (World Dairy Expo Live Stream Video).

2. Real-time text messages

You have the ability to opt into real-time text results from your favorite breed shows. It’s simple:

a. Text “WDERESULTS” to (727) 493-3976.

b. After that, follow the prompts to select the shows you would like results from.

3. Social media channels

With the help of dedicated media interns, the expo’s social channels are a great resource. Fans and followers can find show results along with what’s happening on the educational side on each of the expo’s social channels. You can join the conversation by using #WDE19 or keep up on all the expo happenings on the following social media platforms:

a. Facebook: WorldDairyExpo


b. Twitter: @WDExpo

c. Instagram: @WDExpo

d. YouTube: WorldDairyExpo

e. Snapchat: @worlddairyexpo

Side note: If you’re interested in the intern opportunity, check it out next year on the WDE “News & Media” tab sometime in the spring and early summer months.

4. WDE website and YouTube channel

Miss something? Not sure what you’re missing? Have a friend who won’t let you check your phone during her wedding ceremony? Either way, the WDE website and YouTube channel are your one-stop shops for all things expo. Check out World Dairy Expo or their YouTube channel World Dairy Expo throughout the week for Dairy Cattle Show class highlights and recordings of educational programs.

5. The Expo Daily Edition, published by Dairy Star

WDE’s official newspaper, the Expo Daily Edition, published by Dairy Star, is put out each day with stories and results from the previous day. Along with on-grounds distribution, it is also posted on the WDE website each day by 9 a.m. CST, just in time for you to enjoy with that second cup of coffee.

“There is nothing like attending World Dairy Expo and seeing the best dairy cattle in North America parade under spotlights on Saturday, researching new products in the world’s largest dairy-focused trade show, learning from industry experts during an educational program or just networking with producers from around the globe,” Schmitt said. “But we know life happens. People get married on the first weekend of October, students have class to attend, and sometimes farmers can’t get out of the fields or away from their cows. That’s why we’ve committed to providing these tools for dairy progress to the members of the global dairy industry who can’t make the trip to Madison.”

I can’t summarize it any better than that. Let’s all enjoy the joy and wonder WDE has to offer, from wherever you are. end mark

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