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This year, start a habit of doing something for yourself

Ashley Messing-Kennedy for Progressive Dairy Published on 19 January 2021

2021 has started the way I expected but hoped it wouldn’t: the same as 2020. As an example, I’m already late getting this column in to my understanding and totally professional editor, Emily Gwin.

I’m not sure about you, but I find it really easy to stick in that mindset. It’s been a stressful few years. Or, several years and counting.



With stress and worry comes monotony. I always find I get in a rut when I’m stressed. Nothing can get out of order, or I’m terrible to be around. The best medicine for this? Do something for yourself – just for yourself.

Doing something for yourself can be a lot of things. My last Friday night included a glass of champagne and deep organizing of my pantry. I have no regrets regarding that use of a Friday night. Maybe you can take an hour once a week to organize a cabinet.

In November, I started working out at the gym three days a week. It makes my weekly schedule crazier, but it also keeps my mind and body happier.

With COVID still present, there are so many amazing educational opportunities online. Each month, pick a topic you want to learn more about and find a meeting, or do some reading on the subject. This could be a game changer for your business too.

Each month, try something new in your local community. That new restaurant, a park you’ve always wanted to visit, a festival, a cute shop you always drive by. I bet there are tons of gems in your community you don’t even know about.


In 2019, I wanted to read one book a month. It lit my fire for reading again. One book a month wasn’t overwhelming, and it was so fun. Also, having my girls see me reading made them want to read more. Now, we all read each night.

Don’t let 2021 be 2020 part two. Add some fun in; try some new experiences. The only way 2021 can be better is if you make it better.  end mark

Ashley Messing-Kennedy