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Dairy farmer: “We employ 15 Mexicans here.”

Me: “Oh, are they all from Mexico?”

Dairy farmer: “I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

Me: “Then they’re not all Mexicans. That’s like calling me Canadian just because I’m a white girl.”

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“So, how’d yer dad git that big dent on the door?” I asked Dave. Truth is, it was quite an accomplishment for one single dent to stand out from all the other wear and tear, deterioration and assorted damage that covered his 1983 Ford Ranger diesel pickup truck like elephant tracks on a Styrofoam cooler.

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What type of animal do you need to make a living in the Himalayas?

A yak of all trades.

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Thirteen and a half years. I made it 13 and a half years without questioning the curriculum in our school district. Then my oldest son took an AP environmental science (APES) class this year as a senior.

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Our children are fed a fiery menu of confusion every day. They wake up in the morning to hear the chatter of violence, yet they are supposed to be kind to their peers. They see adults cheer their favorite hero as he obliterates his enemy in a grand explosion that takes out half the city.

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Some of my oldest memories with my dad are of riding in the tractor. I spent many long hours with him feeding cows, working ground or baling hay.

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