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March was a big month for us. We celebrated our heritage, we celebrated the coming of warm weather, and we celebrated Women’s History Month.

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It is easy to sit in our cozy comfort zones and play the blame game. When we see homeless people on the street in their ragged, dirty appearance, it is easy to say, “If they had made different choices, they would not be in such a predicament.

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Few things warm my heart more than images such as the one on the cover of this magazine. Three generations of the de Graaf family from Pixley, California: Gary de Graaf, his son Daniel de Graaf and grandsons Klaas and David.

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Dairy farmer: “We employ 15 Mexicans here.”

Me: “Oh, are they all from Mexico?”

Dairy farmer: “I don’t know. I don’t think so.”

Me: “Then they’re not all Mexicans. That’s like calling me Canadian just because I’m a white girl.”

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“So, how’d yer dad git that big dent on the door?” I asked Dave. Truth is, it was quite an accomplishment for one single dent to stand out from all the other wear and tear, deterioration and assorted damage that covered his 1983 Ford Ranger diesel pickup truck like elephant tracks on a Styrofoam cooler.

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What type of animal do you need to make a living in the Himalayas?

A yak of all trades.

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