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The Manure Spreader: Raw milk

Tim Moffett for Progressive Dairy Published on 25 November 2020
Tim Moffett

So if you regularly read my articles, you know by now that I never talk about religion, politics or social issues. I try my best to keep this part of your day humorous and drama-free.

Basically, I’m using the standard rule of a first date. And I’m speaking for myself here, not Progressive Dairy, its editors or publisher.



That being said, recently I was on a plane and got into a discussion with the person next to me. The topic of “raw cows’ milk” came up. This person had some health issues and was recommended by a friend to try raw cows’ milk. After some research, this person was able to find raw cows’ milk and started consuming it on a regular basis. In short, their health issues went away, and now this person feels like a new person. Like many of you, I grew up – and still to this day – drinking raw milk. I have some issues, but I contribute those to being the youngest and growing up under a power line.

I won’t go into the social and political issues around raw milk, but I do have questions. I live in Florida, where it is illegal to sell raw cows’ milk unless it’s labeled as “pet food.” Well, that’s a heck of a marketing plan. If you want to be fair, then why don’t they put the freshly caught fish in the cat food aisle? In 20 states, it is illegal to sell raw cows’ milk for human consumption. Alabama is the only one on that same list that hasn’t yet decriminalized marijuana. If weed can be legally used for medicinal reasons, why can’t people purchase raw cows’ milk without stipulations? This makes no sense to me.

In Florida, I can legally ride a motorcycle without a helmet to buy fresh iguana tacos and veal tartare from a van on the side of the road. But I can’t buy unpasteurized milk? As an adult, we can meet a stranger and get married that same day if we want. No tests, no psych evaluations or no background checks required. I can jump out of a plane, cliff dive into a lake or have a pet rattlesnake in my house, and it’s all good.

But don’t drink unpasteurized cows’ milk. Some states allow the sale of raw goat milk but not raw cows’ milk. Seriously? That’s like saying you have to wear a mask to enter the door of a restaurant, but you can leave it off when you’re seated 5 feet from the door. Oh, wait … my bad. I’m not supposed to talk about those type of things.

I’m not trying to start any issues in the dairy industry. I’m just curious who makes these decisions. If you think I’m overreacting, two words – school lunches. Travel down that rabbit hole for yourself. Maybe I should start speaking my mind on more issues?


To all the people who happen to read my articles regularly, I have a request. I’m looking for new topics to write about. If you have an idea, a phrase, a word or even a question, and you would like me to write about it, please send them to me. I would love the challenge. And I look forward to any and all ideas, crazy or not. Shoot me an email at

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