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Just dropping by... The parable of the nursery

Yevet Tenney Published on 06 February 2009

With the vestiges of winter snows swirling around me, and the icicles dripping from the roof, I wonder about Al Gore’s global warming theory.

What is this white stuff? A whiteout heat wave?



Of course it is government science, and we all know that government science is never wrong. It’s like Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory about the creation; we wink at the implausibility and teach the rest for gospel truth.

After all, we need new textbooks in colleges and new information to gum up the system in the elementary schools because the teachers have too much time on their hands to teach the basics.

Some intellect needs to explain the unexplainable. It’s like looking at an ancient civilization and describing an ancient people’s daily life because the archeologist found a piece of rock that looks like a spoon. Of course, I certainly don’t want to discount those archeologists who have found substantial evidence to prove their theory, but there are those who speculate and play upon the minds of those who believe everything they hear. Where are the truth seekers? Where is the scientific method we learned in high school? Where are the scientists with downright, old-fashioned common sense?

This global warming theory is like children in a nursery trying to control the thermostat by stacking blocks in the corner. One child notices that every once in while the air blows from the ceiling and points it out to the other children. The children ooh and ahh! What a strange and wonderful thing! Heat coming from the ceiling! The children like the warm air, but they notice that it doesn’t blow all the time.

In fact, sometimes the air that comes out of the ceiling is actually cold and a device of strange workmanship starts to turn round and round like a merry-go-round, and cold air comes down into the room. Sometimes they have to get under a blanket until the air stops blowing. This is not good!


Children start to devise theories about the heat in the ceiling.

“It probably comes from a dragon’s breath. We see dragons in our picture books,” says one little girl.

“Yes,” says a little boy. “Did you see how he blows his hot air?”

“Oh yes” says another, “He is sitting up there breathing through a hole in the ceiling.”

“We have to be careful and not make him mad, or he will send fire upon us,” says a frightened little girl.

“We must do something!” everyone agrees.


“But what do we do?”

Everyone begins to think. Then a smart little girl in the back says, “We don’t need to do anything. Mommy makes it hot and cold. We just need to cry and she will hear us.”

For a long time everyone in nursery believed that mommy turned on the heat and cold. They would cry, mommy would come and everyone was happy.

But there were some who still believed in the dragons. They worried that one day the dragon would send fire upon them, and they would be completely destroyed.

All of the children liked playing with toys; for the children who feared, it was a way for them to keep their minds off the dragon. For others, it was a matter of who could gather the most toys. These were the bullies.

It wasn’t long before the bullies thought of ways to take the toys from the other children. At first they’d just grab the toys, and the other children screamed. Mommy would come and they would be punished. They soon realized that force was not a good plan.

They didn’t like the screaming and mommy coming to stop the fight was always inconvenient. One bright bully came up with the plan. He realized that when he talked about the dragon, fear came into the hearts of the children.

What if he could use the dragon to his advantage? If the children thought they could save themselves from the mythical dragon by giving up their toys – they would just give them up willingly without so much as a peep!

“What a good idea!” the other bullies agreed. “We will tell the children that we will control the dragon if we control with toys.”

The next morning, the bullies announced, “Everyone bring your toys and we will stack them up in the corner and present them to the dragon as a gift! The dragon will see our toys, and he will be glad.”

“Why?” some of the children wanted to know. “The dragon doesn’t like us to use our toys. It causes him to be angry and he will breathe hot air and destroy us once and for all.”

The smart little girl in the back said, “There is no dragon! Mommy controls the heat and cold.”

But the bullies kept talking and creating fantastic stories about the dragon, even until they believed it themselves. The stores were especially effective with the younger children.

Once the story got started everyone told and retold the story. The dragon was a terrible monster, and it wouldn’t be long before the entire nursery would be in shambles. It wasn’t long before all the toys were stacked in the corner for the bullies to use. They had to be discrete about when and how they played with the toys, but any question from the other children was met with the same answer.

“The dragon is coming under control. We are just testing the toys to see if they still work.”

If children started to cry, the bullies would give back one or two toys just to keep the peace, but there were strict rules. The toys must only be used at a set time of the day and for only so long. The toys were best used at night when most of the children were asleep.

The smart little girl in the back kept telling everyone that mommy controlled the heat and cold, but only a few children believed her. The bullies finally decided that they did not need a girl going around telling everyone that mommy was coming, and that there was no dragon and not to worry.

The bullies got together and locked the little girl in the closet. The little girl in the closet began to cry loud and long, but nobody heard her anymore. The nursery wasn’t the same anymore. The children sat in their little corners waiting for their time to use the toys.

They believed the heat and cold came from the dragon, and it wouldn’t be long before the whole nursery, toys and all, would be destroyed. It’s not hard to see the parallel between the nursery story and the hoax of global warming.

People are getting rich selling ideas that promote fear in the hearts of human beings. They are in effect locking up the Christians who tell them that God is in charge. Man cannot control the climate anymore than they can put forth their hands and stop the ocean from rushing to the shore.

God created the earth in intricate patterns and natural laws. There are ebbs and tides in those patterns. There are seasons of cold and seasons of heat. There are seasons of flood and seasons of drought. God is in charge. He is alive and well. He didn’t live once and then leave us to fend for ourselves. He knows the plight of every sparrow, and He knows our plight.

Christ said, “Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” On the other hand, if truth make us free, lies will entangle and make us slaves.

God doesn’t send a heat wave of snow. Snow is always cold! Water unless obstructed always runs downhill, seeking the lowest point. The North Star is always north. It doesn’t matter what hokey science tells us; truth is always true, and it will be eternally.

There can be threads of truth in a theory, but if the conclusion did not consider all the variables, those threads will never tie together in ultimate truth. It will be a sieve of woven lies.

I love the lines from Sir Thomas Moore in the movie A Man for All Seasons. “If the world was round, and the king decreed it to be flat, would the world then be flat?”

Truth is the truth, independent of the ebb and tide of opinion or government- controlled science. PD