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Progressive Dairyman Issue 16 2015

October 1

In the Oct. 1, 2015 issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is the World Dairy Expo. Articles include "Palmyra Farm transmits a show-winning tradition" and "Breeding the best: Ferme Blondin." Also be sure to read about the new products being presented at World Dairy Expo.

Also covered in this issue is milk quality and parlor management. Learn how to implement an on-farm culture on your operation, and how B vitamins affect lactating cow performance.

Feed, forages and grazing is another topic this issue covers. Articles include “5 tips for optimal digester performance,” “Do cows respond in hours, days or years to AA ration balancing?” and more.

Progressive Dairyman Issue 17 2015

October 19

In the 17th issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is management. Articles include, "Who is the CEO of your dairy?" and "Pounds vs. percent: Shifting the mindset about components."

The issue topics cover dry and transition cows, and A.I. and breeding. Learn tips for designing maternity pens, and how to set up a basic on-farm mastitis culture lab. Also, find out if you should have two groups of dry cows, and how to use B vitamins to improve reproduction.

Progressive Dairyman Issue 18 2015

November 7

In the Nov. 7, 2015, issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is new facilities and business planning.

In this issue, you will learn the areas you should consider when planning a robotic milking facility, current building trends on dairies and how to manage on-farm waste oil.

This issue also covers cow comfort and hoof care. Decrease infectious claw lesions in your herd, and learn why trimming hoofs during the transition period is important.

Be sure to check out our cover story, "Kinnard Farms' new facility keeps it all 'under on roof.’”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 19 2015

November 25

In the 19th issue of Progressive Dairyman, women in dairy is the issue focus. Articles include “Dairywoman realizes dream to farm on her own,” “Leading in a non-traditional role” and “What makes a good female leader in dairy?”

The issue topic is calf and heifer raising. Learn the key steps to cold stress prevention, and learn how to manage the weaning transition of heifers.

Also be sure to read Kelli Boylen’s article, “How to be a good dairy ancestor.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 20 2015

December 12

In the 20th issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is the best articles of 2015. The top 25 articles are outlined, and the editors pick their favorite articles and cover photos of the year.

Other articles include, "5 reasons to believe in long-term growth for U.S. dairy exports" and "The Federal Milk Marketing Order's advanced payment system."

This issue also has a Christmas theme. Be sure to read "The Gift" by Bruce R. Coston.