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Progressive Dairyman Issue 1 2016

January 1

In the first issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is winter-hardy facilities and equipment. Learn six simple ways to cut your energy costs this winter. Learn to optimize your UTV for winter use. Other articles include "Rules of thumb for keeping moisture out and fresh air in" and "Keep automatic milking systems running well in cold weather."

The issue topic is A.I. and breeding. Articles include "Is inbreeding risky business?" "4 keys to capturing a 30 percent pregnancy rate" and "Top 10 parameters to monitor reproductive performance."

Also be sure to read Yevet Tenney's "Eyes to see and ears to hear."

Progressive Dairyman Issue 2 2016

January 19

In the second issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is calf management. Articles include "Pain management at dehorning," "Accelerated group feeding has potential long-term benefits" and "Prevent pre-weaning problems with proactive planning."

The issue topic is milk quality and herd health. Learn how to do a modified Wisconsin sugar float test, and find out tips for preventing violative residues.

Also be sure to read Yevet Tenney's article, "Divine nature footprints."

Progressive Dairyman Issue 3 2016

February 7

In the third issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is managing finances, margin and risk. Articles include, "Key operational management factors to become future ready," "Moving beyond annual business planning basics" and "Navigating the 2016 feed challenge."

The issue topic is feed, forages, grazing and nutrition. Learn how to feed for milk protein; find practical applications of feeding forages; and more.

Also read how Heartland Dairy is giving back to the community.

Progressive Dairyman Issue 4 2016

February 25

In the fourth issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is fresh cow health, hoof care and welfare. Articles include “Manage, monitor metabolic ‘Armageddon’ in transition cows,” “Three steps to zero lameness,” and “California: Concentrating on clean, sustainable groundwater.”

The issue topic is A.I. and breeding. Learn how to breed for milk protein or how to enhance immune function and fertility with nutrition.

Also be sure to read Yevet Tenney’s article, “We are sowing.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 5 2016

March 12

In the fifth issue of Progressive Dairyman, the issue focus is the state of the dairy industry. Articles include, “U.S. herd recovers from 2009; owners brace for next downturn,” “Future global demand for milk protein” and “Opportunities and challenges of marketing milk in the future.” Also be sure to check out the 2015 U.S. dairy statistics.

This issue also discusses climate change and manure management. Find out how climate change will impact you. Also learn about carbon credits and how to add value to manure.

Progressive Dairyman Issue 6 2016

April 1

Looking to save some cash this summer? The sixth issue of Progressive Dairyman discusses better ways to keep your cows cool and how to reduce your cooling costs. Also, wanting to update your facilities? Find out if you should bulldoze your building or improve upon what you have.

This issue also includes several articles on calf and heifer raising. Learn how to maximize the value of pasteurized waste milk with a balancer, or learn how much water a calf may need. Other articles include “The ABCs of RFCs for calves,” “Are you saving money with hygiene?” and “Successfully pasture your heifers to increase milk production and prevent calving issues.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 7 2016

April 19

The seventh issue of Progressive Dairyman focuses on peak production and milk quality, and A.I. and breeding.

This issue outlines how you can better your milk quality and production. Learn the 4 keys to corral ketosis, or learn how the Veterinary Feed Directive is aiming to improve antibiotic utilization in dairy herds. Also see how 300 farms in the Southeast performed for milk quality.

Looking to improve your breeding program? A.I. and breeding articles include, “20 years of Ovsynch,” “How in vitro fertilization can improve a herd’s reproduction” and “Reproduction and a temperature-humidity index of 55.”

Also be sure to read Yevet Tenney’s “A change of mind.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 8 2016

May 7

In the eighth issue of Progressive Dairyman, we will be discussing milking equipment and parlors, tools and implements, and feed and forages.

Articles include, “Align your precision dairy robot system to your goals,” “Finding fuel trailers that fit your operation” and “Trace minerals in forages.”

Also be sure to read Yevet Tenney’s article, “Sign seeking vs. seeing miracles.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 9 2016

May 25

The ninth issue of Progressive Dairyman covers a wide variety of topics: management, herd health, calf and heifer raising, and manure.

Do you have a high employee turnover rate? Learn how your management style may be affecting your numbers. Or learn how to utilize your financials to maximize your productivity and profitability. Also check out these three nutritional strategies for the transition cow.

Other articles include, “Dehorning hurts, but we can do something about it,” “The detrimental effect of high ash in milk replacers” and “Manure management and labor – you might be surprised.”

Also read Ryan Dennis’ article, “The rye in the sky idea.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 10 2016

June 12

The 10th issue of Progressive Dairyman is celebrating June Dairy Month by sharing delicious dairy recipes. Are you conducting farm tours for June Dairy Month? Learn what 5 things you should do before opening your farm to the public.

We have a good variety of topics this issue. See how domestic milk prices are affected by international markets. Learn how we use milk proteins in our food products. Also be sure to read the various producer features.

Don’t forget to read Baxter Black’s article, “The axis of ideal understanding.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 11 2016

July 1

The 11th issue of Progressive Dairyman will focus on rations and nutrient formulations. Articles include “Practical insights from on-farm amino acid work,” “Nutrition tips for robotic herds” and “Solving the forage energy challenge.”

This issue will also cover milk and beef quality. Learn how one producer keeps his herd SCC below 150,000. Or learn how to achieve better milk quality with this veterinarian’s tips. Also, prevent residues in market bull calves.

Also be sure to read Ryan Dennis’ article, “As seen on TV.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 12 2016

July 19

The 12th issue of Progressive Dairyman will explore facility and design. Should you include baffles in your cross-ventilated barn? Also, get a glimpse of the integrated robotic farm of the future.

Progressive Dairyman will also review cow comfort and hoof comfort. Articles include “Heat stress effects linger months beyond summer,” “Cow comfort: Health, welfare and markets” and “Be proactive to prevent lameness during the dry period.”

Learn how breeding for hoof health could mean lower maintenance costs, or reduce lameness by using trimming records.

Also be sure to read Ryan Dennis’ article, “Tea-talk on the Irish countryside.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 13 2016

August 7

The 13th issue of Progressive Dairyman will explore the rapidly growing Chinese dairy industry. What are their challenges and how are they overcoming them? Hear from the consultants who have seen China’s progress first-hand.

This issue will also discuss quality silage and harvesting equipment. Articles include, “7 common forage storage myths” and “Crack your corn.” Also, learn how an autonomous tractor could save you money. Are your brakes “chattering”? Learn the remedy.

Herd health and animal welfare is covered in this issue. Learn how to prevent hypocalcemia in fresh cows. Also find out how “omics” are revolutionizing our approach to dairy nutrition.

Progressive Dairyman Issue 14 2016

August 25

The 14th issue of Progressive Dairyman will get you up to speed on A.I. and breeding, calf and heifer raising, management, and even a little bit of manure.

Articles include, “Is our milk pricing system broken?” “Prevent fresh cow failures with genetic predisposition” and “Molasses in calf starter: A help or a hindrance?”

In this issue you will learn how omega-3s in flaxseed and fish oil could boost fertility and how to predict future milk production using average daily gain. Looking into new manure agitation equipment? We have the options outlined here.

Also be sure to read Yevet Tenney’s article, “No Man is an Island.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 15 2016

September 12

The 15th issue of Progressive Dairyman takes a peek at the upcoming World Dairy Expo. See what seminars to attend, or check out the dairy cattle show schedule.

This issue also explores progressive technology. Learn how a gene-editing tool could improve animal welfare and food security. Also, see what every ag technology startup should know about farmers.

Forages and silage are also covered in this issue. Articles include “What is the forage value of your cover crops?” “Waiting for the magic cows: Tips to improve silage quality” and “Finding $20,000 in a mud hole: A grazing solution.”

Also be sure to check out the student features.

Progressive Dairyman Issue 16 2016

October 1

The 16th issue of Progressive Dairyman will focus on automation and World Dairy Expo.

Learn how one dairy uses smartphone hacks to streamline processes on the farm. Or see how technology could turn your tractor cab into a mobile office. Also, see what 10 things you should consider when planning a large robotic dairy.

Check out what new products and technologies are being introduced at World Dairy Expo. Also, hear how World Dairy Expo’s 50th anniversary painting came about from the artist himself.

Also be sure to read Ryan Dennis’ article, “Bad principles.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 17 2016

October 19

The 17th issue of Progressive Dairyman will focus on dry and transition cows. See how pre-parturition care plays a vital role in calf development. Learn what research revealed were additional factors impacting ketosis. Or find out how to diagnosis trace mineral problems in transition dairy cows.

This issue will also discuss A.I. and breeding. See how one farm changed its breeding program when it switched to robotic milking. Hear from three producers who installed rumination and activity monitoring systems. Or learn these five fundamentals to improve herd reproduction.

Also, be sure to read Ryan Dennis’ article, “Bog butter.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 18 2016

November 7

The 18th issue of Progressive Dairyman will explore facilities and design. Consider this checklist for building the perfect heifer barn. Or ask these four questions when investing in a new rotary.

Also discussed in this issue is management. See the pros and cons of multiple sites versus a single-site operation. Multi-generational businesses often fail; see how you can transition your farm successfully. Find out what to look for when assembling your advisory team for your dairy.

Cow comfort is also a focus of this issue. See how recording hoof lesions by zone could reduce lameness. Detect lameness using an activity behavior system. Beware of possible antibiotic residues in milk due to local treatment of claw lesions.

Also be sure to read Ryan Dennis’ article, “Writing the wrongs of farming characters.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 19 2016

November 25

The 19th issue of Progressive Dairyman is all about dairywomen and their contribution to the dairy industry. Read about Boston Post Dairy, where the cheese is made by women and aged by women. How can you balance work and family life? Is it possible to grow a family and also grow professionally? Find out in this issue.

Other topics of this issue include calf and heifer raising and manure. Learn how you can prepare for new VFD regulations, or find out how you could raise your calves to their full potential. Also, learn how the Ohio Heifer Center recycled its manure and saved $800,000 on bedding.

Don’t miss Ryan Dennis’ article, “Weddinged.”

Progressive Dairyman Issue 20 2016

December 12

The 20th issue of Progressive Dairyman is sprinkled with a little bit of Christmas and New Year's magic. We take a look at the top 25 articles of the year.

Be sure to check out the Christmas articles, “Merry Christmas in the country” and “The Christmas Kink.” Our columnists, Tim Moffett, Tom Heck and Ryan Dennis, also tell their Christmas stories.

Also in the Holiday spirit, this issue will focus on the many dairy charities that help make the world a better place.

This issue also focuses on management. Learn how to build employee accountability, or how to pinpoint causes of milk quality concerns. Are you planning to pass on your dairy? Know when the time is right to start succession planning, and gain insight into the challenges of succession.