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Progressive Dairy Issue 1 2021

January 1

The January issue of Progressive Dairy focuses on reproduction. Read a three-part series on how to make breeding day more effective, and learn more about the newly announced Feed Saved trait focused on feed efficiency. Also included is calf and heifer raising. Get some tips on how to avoid bottlenecks in your calf-raising program. Lastly, get some pointers on staying in the black in 2021.

Progressive Dairy Issue 2 2021

January 19

The January 19, 2021 issue of Progressive Dairy focuses on milk quality. Learn some strategies to maintain or improve mammary health and milk quality. Also included is herd health. See how on-farm culturing helped a Wisconsin dairy cut back on antibiotic usage, and get some tips on improving the transition period. Lastly, learn four tips for preventing scours in calves.

Progressive Dairy Issue 3 2021

February 7

The February 7, 2021 issue of Progressive Dairy focuses on feed and nutrition. See if feeding homegrown roasted soybeans or feed beets could help reduce purchased feed costs, and get some pointers on evaluating feed additives to include in rations. Also included is margins and finances. Read up on a case study about risk management and depooling, and get a 20/20 look at lessons learned from 2020. Lastly, get some tips on transitioning into a new milking system.

Progressive Dairy Issue 4 2021

February 25

The February 25, 2021 issue of Progressive Dairy focuses on fresh cow health. Learn three priorities to incorporate into your fresh cow program, and find a new approach to managing transition dairy heifers. Also included is hoof care. Get some tips on how to create an effective digital dermatitis control plan, and learn five steps to setting up a successful timed hoof-trimming program.

Progressive Dairy Issue 5 2021

March 12

The March 12, 2021, issue of Progressive Dairy highlights the state of the dairy industry. Get the latest picture of the U.S. dairy industry, and take a closer look at the specific challenges facing each region of the U.S. Also included is calf and heifer raising. See if roughage is beneficial to calf rumen development, and get some pointers on building calf immunity. Lastly, learn about four seasons that have nothing to do with weather.

Progressive Dairy Issue 6 2021

April 1

The April issue of Progressive Dairy features the 2020 dairy stats. Also included is manure management. See how one dairy is converting manure into clean water and organic dry fertilizer. Also included is equipment. Get some tips on forage harvestor maintenance, and read about the future of diesel power and its influence on your wallet. Lastly, learn about Canada’s “buttergate” controversy.

Progressive Dairy Issue 7 2021

April 19

The April 19, 2021 issue of Progressive Dairy highlights cow comfort. See how cleaner water has led to higher production on a Nebraska dairy, and learn about four things no one talks about when it comes to cow comfort. Also included is cooling and facilities. Get some pointers on where to start with ventilation and how to develop a dairy farmstead master plan. Lastly, make sure you have the most important tools for your repro toolbox.

Progressive Dairy Issue 8 2021

May 7

The May 7 issue of Progressive Dairy focuses on milk quality and milking equipment. Get a comparison of silicone milking liners compared to rubber liners, and learn eight ways to satisfy the 'mastitis triangle.’ Also included is calf and heifer raising. Get some pointers on recognizing and diagnosing coccidiosis, and maximizing the effectiveness of autofeeders. Lastly, see how you can recover more of your lame cows.

Progressive Dairy Issue 9 2021

May 25

The May 25 issue of Progressive Dairy celebrates June Dairy Month. Get some pointers on preparing for June Dairy Month, and some tasty dairy-centered recipes. Also, learn more about methane-reducing additives and efforts in the dairy industry to reduce methane emissions. Lastly, consider a win-win situation with small-grain forages.

Progressive Dairy Issue 11 2021

July 1

The July 1, 2021 issue of Progressive Dairy spotlights the 2021 sustainability award winners. Learn about the sustainability efforts of several farms across the country. Also included is milk and beef quality. Make sure you’re “in the black” by maintaining a premium for dairy-beef cross calves, and optimize your robot data for maximum milk quality. Lastly, get some nutrition management tips for summer.

Progressive Dairy Issue 12 2021

July 19

The July 19, 2021 issue of Progressive Dairy focuses on facility design. Find out why cattle bunching happens and how to resolve it, and discuss the pros and cons of different robot layouts. Also included is hoof health. Learn how to get the best results from copper sulfate baths. Lastly, get a closer look at MVP Dairy, a sustainability award-winning farm in Ohio.

Progressive Dairy Issue 17 2021

October 19

The October 19, 2021 issue of Progressive Dairy focuses on dry and transition cow management. Learn what to consider when choosing a calcium bolus, and get some tips on detecting transition cow problems. Also included is cow comfort and hoof care. Read more about single housing vs. group housing for dairy calves, and learn five foundations for a functional footbath. Lastly, check out the PD team’s top takeaways from WDE 2021.

Progressive Dairy Issue 18 2021

November 7

The November 7, 2021 issue of Progressive Dairy focuses on calf and heifer raising. See how your heifer program may need to change to attune to the times, and how oregano can optimize calf health and feed efficiency. Also included is genetics and reproduction. Weigh the pros and cons of estrus detection and timed A.I., and take a closer look at beef x dairy. Lastly, check out several features about women in the dairy industry.

Progressive Dairy Issue 19 2021

November 25

The November 25, 2021 issue of Progressive Dairy covers the year in review, niche markets and the Christmas season. Check out the latest Christmas cheese advent calendar, and get some pointers of hosting an on-farm holiday party. Also review the top-performing articles of 2021 and get the highlights of the last year’s podcast highlights. Lastly, learn about new research being launched at the University of Vermont that could help reduce methane emissions.