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What data does your farm generate? Where is it going? How could it make your farm more profitable? 

A research group at the University of Wisconsin – Madison aims to answer those questions. Their work is called the Dairy Brain project. 

In this episode, you’ll hear from one of the researchers involved: Steve Wangan. He is a data scientist at the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He works with analytics and software development. The overarching goal of the Dairy Brain project is to take research that is done at the university and hook it up with farmers’ data streams through a web interface so they can use it to help them make better decisions for their individual farms. You’ll learn what are the most difficult obstacles to moving data from off the farm and why there is a need to agree to some data standardization for on-farm data entry. 

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Stuart Marshall, GEA

Robotic milking continues growing in popularity, and it’s changing how dairy farmers manage their herds. In this Progressive Dairy podcast, you’ll hear from Stuart Marshall, who specializes in robotic milking systems for GEA.

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“It’s taken care of.” How often is that the response when the next generation asks the former about the plan to transition the dairy operation? In this podcast, Tim Schaefer and Liz Griffith from Encore Consultants cover four key areas dairy farm families and businesses must address for a successful transition, not only of assets, but also of roles within the operation.

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As the demand for milking robots continues to rise, robotic milking or automatic milking systems (AMS) has also become increasingly popular in Norway.

In this episode of Dairy Talk with Norwegian Red, together with two prominent Norwegian dairy farmers, we discuss how the dairy industry has adapted to the robotic milking transformation and what makes the Norwegian Red genetics fit with the technology.

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In today’s podcast, we introduce you to the New Mexico Milk Maid herself, Tara Vander Dussen. Not only is she a key influencer on social media, but she’s also a dairy farmer and an environmental scientist who works on dairy farm projects throughout the Southwest.

Hear how Tara uses her knowledge, expertise and passion to share the message of dairy’s sustainability efforts and impact, as well as some exciting new developments coming soon.

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