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[Podcast] BeefxDairy: Why not just any black bull will do.

Progressive Dairy Published on 13 April 2021
Kelli Retallick

On this episode of the Progressive Dairy Podcast, Editor Peggy Coffeen sits down with Kelli Retallick, Director of Genetics and Genomic Programs, Angus Genetics, Inc.

Kelli recently spoke at the Professional Dairy Producers Annual Business Conference, held in March in Wisconsin, where she informed dairy producers of the collaborative work between the American Angus Association, beef supply chain and dairy genetics industry to create a beef-x-dairy cross that please the feed yard, packers and consumer.

In our time with Kelli today, she will help us understand why not just any black bull will do when it comes to selecting genetics for dairy beef crosses.

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  1. Give us a little bit of your background, and how you came to be working in genetics and genomic programs for Angus Genetics, Inc.
  2. Did you ever predict there would come a day when your Angus genetics expertise would be such a great asset to the dairy industry?
  3. Speak to the trends you see in consumer purchasing behavior in the beef case, specifically when it comes to Certified Angus Beef versus USDA Certified Select beef.
  4. Some of us may have heard that all it takes is a black hide to be considered “certified Angus beef.” Is that true?
  5. What are some of the challenges you hear packers face with beef-on-dairy steers and heifers that come through the supply chain?
  6. Tell us about the work you are doing to help dairy farmers create an Angus-dairy cross that holds its market value and delivers an end product both packers and consumers desire?
  7. What are the economic selection indexes you have created, and why should dairy producers use these as a selection tool?
  8. Break down some beef terms for us “dairy people.” What are EPDs? Should be be looking at them?
  9. If you could stand on a soap box and shout one message to America’s dairy farmers, what would it be?


Kelli Retallick can be reached direct at 816-383-5190 or email at

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