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[Podcast] Ben Loewith: 100 pounds of milk per cow per day

Progressive Dairy Published on 24 June 2020

Canadian dairyman Ben Loewith milks 450 cows in Ontario, Canada. He’s about two hours west of Buffalo, New York, or just a bit southwest of Toronto between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Loewith’s cows are 100-plus-pound producers. 

Average isn’t something he’s interested in; the highest achievable results are more fascinating to him. Loewith likes to learn about protocols and processes that produce high performance in dairy cows more so than specific cow pedigrees. He uses a “Good Book,” as he calls it, to help him understand how week-to-week changes affect the results he sees on his farm.



Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • Tell me a little about your farm. [2:00]
  • Describe your journey. Where were you before you came back to the farm? [4:15]
  • What did you learn from your pre-farming work experience that you use on your dairy everyday? [6:30]
  • Your uncle said cows didn't come easy to you. How have you managed around that? [8:45]
  • When you visit other farms, what are you interested in looking at? [10:30]
  • How do you approach data use and technology on your farm? [12:00]
  • What’s the most worthwhile investment in time or energy you’ve made that has resulted in you being a better dairyman? [13:15]
  • What is the origin story of your farm’s “Good Book”? [16:15]
  • What are some of the employee management / HR things you do on your farm that you think are unique? [18:25]
  • Tell me a tool or process you couldn’t give up. [22:00]
  • What does your daily ritual look like? [24:20]
  • If I were to give you $5,000 right now, what would you spend it on for your dairy? [24:20]
  • What's one piece of technology you'd like to have on your farm someday that you'd first like to see in-person implemented on another farm? [29:00]
  • What’s a decision you need to make in the next month that you haven’t made up your mind about yet? [31:40]
  • Describe your most recent accomplishment on the dairy. Why was it meaningful? [35:00]
  • Fill in the blank: I’d love to get off the dairy and go do _____ this weekend. [37:00]


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