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[Podcast] Chuck Ripp: Ripp’s Dairy Valley

Progressive Dairy Published on 02 February 2021

Wisconsin dairyman Chuck Ripp’s 900-cow farm has had a digester for more than 10 years. In this episode, you’ll hear about their recent switch over to producing renewable natural gas and whether Chuck thinks it will pay off. He’ll also explain the farm’s focus on transition cows and the protocols he uses to limit issues with fresh cows. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, he’s using a virtual relationship with his nutritionist. He’ll talk about how that’s affected his feeding program. And finally, Chuck shares his best wisdom for younger producers from his years of dairy experience.  


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Here is a breakdown of the episode:

An overview of Ripp’s Dairy Valley dairy farm. [1:45]

Tell us about your dry and transition cow barn. [3:15]

Explain your switch from mattresses to sand in that barn. [6:00]

How long is your dry period? [7:40] 

Explain your use of a calcium binder instead of a DCAD protocol. [9:30]

What do you like about your new protocol? [12:25]

Tell me about going to one-day-per-week breeding. [14:00]

Walk us through your journey with building and operating an anaerobic digester [16:30]

What advice do you have for producers who are considering RNG biogas production? [21:00]

The main benefit of a digester for your farm hasn’t been the gas? [23:00]

Tell us about what it’s like using a virtual nutritionist during COVID-19. [26:00]

Are you a heifer hoarder? [28:00]

How would you spend $15,000 on your dairy? [31:45]

What are you breeding for these days? [33:00]

What advice would you give younger producers? [35:00]


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