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[Podcast] Dr. Gordie Jones: The all-seasons hybrid barn

Progressive Dairy Published on 26 November 2019

In this episode, Editor Peggy Coffeen talks with the Dr. Gordie Jones about a dairy barn design concept he contrived called the all-seasons hybrid barn.



Here is a breakdown of the episode:

Dr. Gordie Jones tells us how a country vet became a world-traveling cow comfort expert. [~1:07]

What does the all-seasons hybrid barn look like?  [~3:40]

What value does it bring to provide air and cooling at the cow level that we don’t see in current dairy facility design?  [~5:20]

What problems does this barn design address?  [~7:15]

Can you give us an update of other barns that have been built or upgraded with this design and 

how have those barns fared through summer and winter seasons?  [~11:45][

How does the all-season hybrid barn design work in more arid and humid climates?  [~14:15]

How have dairies modified the design? [~16:40]

What’s been the cow response to the system? [~21:00]

Why do you think people are so intrigued by this design? [~22:40]

As an avid hunter and outdoorsman, what’s been your most memorable hunt? [~27:40]

If you could reinvent yourself in a different career outside the dairy industry, what would it be? [~30:23]


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