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[Podcast] Dr. Larry Corah: The future of beef-on-dairy breeding

Progressive Dairy Published on 08 June 2021

In this Progressive Dairy Podcast, Editor Peggy Coffeen sits down with Dr. Larry Corah, Kansas State professor emeritus and now supply chain consultant for Select Sires. Corah brings his many years of experience working with cattle, feedlots and production systems to the conversation about the future of beef-on-dairy breeding.

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Season 3, Episode 18


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • Give our listeners a snapshot of your many years working with feedlots and the cattle business.  [~1:25]
  • Describe the shifts you have seen in the past 15 years in the relationship between the dairy industry and the beef industry.  [~5:00]
  • What breeds do you see making a good pairing for beef-on-dairy breeding?  [~8:25]
  • What does it take to hit the prime or premium choice grade?  [~12:00]
  • How would you rate the current quality of level of the beef-on-dairy cattle entering the supply chain? [~14:00]
  • Are the feedlots and packers investing in this shift? [~17:40]
  • What projections do you have for the next three to five years? [~19:15]
  • What’s the future of the straight-bred Holstein steer? [~22:55]
  • What words of wisdom do you offer to dairy producers? [~25:00]
  • Rapid-fire questions [~28:00]


For more information on this topic, find Dr. Corah’s article in the June 1 issue of Progressive Dairy magazine: Stay in the black: How to maintain a premium for dairy-beef cross calves.

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