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[Podcast] Elle Purrier-St. Pierre: From the dairy farm to chasing Olympic dreams

Progressive Dairy Published on 16 November 2021

Meet U.S. Olympian and dairy farmer Elle Purrier-St. Pierre. On this episode of the Progressive Dairy Podcast, Editor Peggy Coffeen interviews this record-breaking runner who also advocates and educates her social media audience about dairy farming and nutrition. 

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Season 3, Episode 39


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • What was it like growing up on your family’s dairy farm in Vermont? [~3:40]
  • Which chores were your responsibility? [~5:10]
  • When did you get your start in running? [~5:50]
  • Tell us how your running career started on a track team that didn’t actually have a track. [~6:30]
  • How did you running career develop at University of New Hampshire? [~8:50]
  • At what point did the Olympic dream start to build inside of you? [~11:10]
  • Elle’s U.S. track records [~13:10]
  • How does your dairy farm background influence your success as a runner? [~13:50]
  • Speak to how you use your social media platform to education people about dairy farming and nutrition. [~17:45]
  • As an athlete, it goes hand in hand that I drink so much milk and it’s been an important tool in my career.
  • What does your current training program look like, and how do you involve dairy? [21:25]
  • What are you training for right now? [~22:45]
  • Are you trying to break your own record for the indoor one mile? [~25:40]
  • Do you prefer indoor or outdoor running? [26:30]
  • What was it like to be in Tokyo for the Olympics? [~27:00]
  • Tell us about your husband and the dairy farm that you are a part of now. [~34:35]
  • Do you foresee your career becoming more involved in the dairy? [~36:00]
  • Rapid-fire questions. [~38:00]


Show notes:

Follow Elle as she educates her social media audience on dairy farming and dairy nutrition on Instagram:


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