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[Podcast] How to talk so your employees will listen, featuring Bill Eberle, Chr. Hansen, account manager

Progressive Dairy Published on 11 May 2021

Is there a disconnect between ownership, management and employees on your dairy? In this Progressive Dairy Podcast, hear from Bill Eberle, as he provides tips on how to talk so your employees will listen. After spending 17 years as a dairy manager, Eberle brings his people skills to his current role as an account manager with Chr. Hansen. 

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Season 3, Episode 14


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • Tell us about your experience as a dairy manager, at a time when that wasn’t a common title in the dairy industry. [~:55]
  • What did your career path look like after that first dairy farm management experience? [~3:20]
  • Every time a dairy adds cows, people must be added too. [~9:15]
  • How does your experience having been a manager yourself play into your role today of improving forage quality on dairies?   [~10:15]
  • Walk us through a hypothetical, yet typical, scenario that you see play out on a dairy that struggles to put up good quality forages. [~12:00]
  • If I hear your correctly, you are talking about culture? [~14:00]
  • How do you create that culture? [~15:15]
  • What do you think establishes that culture of buy-in from employees? [~18:35]
  • Putting up forage is just one example of where a communication lapse can occur, but a disconnect can occur in any other area on the dairy. Why do you believe this disconnect occurs?  [~20:00]
  • Why are SOPs alone not enough to encourage employees to perform? [~22:20]
  • What can dairy owners and managers do to have better communication and buy-in from employees?  [~25:00]
  • What are your key “how-to” points be for communicating with employees? [~30:25]
  • What would be another action item in effective communication? [~33:15]
  • How do you effectively show employees appreciation? [~34:15]
  • Rapid-fire questions [~35:00]


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