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[Podcast] Interview with Kay Johnson Smith: What animal rights activist are up to in 2019

Progressive Dairy Published on 27 September 2019

The pro-livestock, non-profit organization Animal Ag Alliance annually attends the Animal Rights National Conference to discover trends in strategy and tactics among anti-animal agriculture groups. (No, they don’t use undercover tactics to get in.) Kay Johnson Smith, CEO of the Animal Ag Alliance, recaps in this episode what the alliance heard and saw at the 2019 event held in Alexandria, Virginia, and what it means for dairy farmers. 


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

What is the Animal Ag Alliance? [~ 1:19]

What do animal rights activists do when they get together? [ ~ 2:52]

Main takeaways: Animal liberation, climate change and plant based foods [~6:14]

Shocking new assertion: “Veganism is a cow’s MeToo movement” [~9:21]

Discussion about a few quotes from the conference:

“Plant and cell-based food will bring animal liberation” [~11:40]

“Big ag and big cattle are to blame” [~15:23]

“The word will be extinct by 2026 without veganism” [~16:34]

How animal agriculture can win the day [~19:34]


How to reach the Animal Ag Alliance


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