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[Podcast] Kristy Pagel: Use this powerful tool to transform your team in 2021

Progressive Dairy Published on 05 January 2021
Kristy Pagel

In this podcast, Progressive Dairy Editor Peggy Coffeen sits down with Kristy Pagel from GPS Dairy Consulting LLC to talk about one of the most powerful, yet simple, tools dairy teams can use to boost morale, empower people and take things to the next level in 2021.



(2:09) Tell us about this tool.

(2:58) What is a Rapid Fire Year in Review and how does that process work?

(3:55) Why is a rapid-fire review so critical this time of the year, and especially, this year, as we leave 2020 and enter into 2021?

(5:50) What does the structure of the meeting look like?

(8:06)  Is there something magical that takes place when you get everyone sitting around the table to share?

(8:49) Is there a value that comes from talking about what the team has overcome?

(10:00) How important is taking the time to do a year-in-review for personal growth for our teams?

(11:15) What is one example of a dairy where you saw the magic happen?

(13:47) What shifts and changes did you see happen in this particular team?

(15:24) Is there another example of a team you’ve worked with that has been able to celebrate their accomplishments as a team?

(18:42) Speak to the value of positive experiences in empowering team members to take action.

(22:17) What are other examples of stories you have from dairies that have successful results from having done reviews?

(24:45) What’s it like to be in the room with these dairies, watching them achieve their goals?

(26:00) How can someone use the rapid fire year-in-review process in their personal life?

(27:05)  So now, as we wrap up today, we are going to turn the tables from talking about Rapid-Fire Review, to rapid-fire questions for Kristy:

  • Favorite inspiration quote
  • Favorite Wisconsin supper club
  • Best podcast you’ve listened to lately
  • The Netflix series you can’t resist
  • 1-2 things you are most proud of accomplishing in 2020
  • 1-2 thing you are going to tackle in 2021


To reach Kristy Pagel, email her at .


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