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[Podcast] Maximizing efficiency with Nate Heim, Yippee! Farms

Progressive Dairy Published on 19 January 2021

In this Progressive Dairy Podcast, Editor Peggy Coffeen talks to Nate Heim, herd manager at Yippee! Farms in Pennsylvania. A self-proclaimed “city slicker,” hear how his childhood job of packing apples served as a training ground for finding efficiencies on the 2,300-cow dairy he’s managed since its startup, and how his efforts are shaving time off of milking shifts to get more turns in the double-20 parlor while maintaining production, excellent cow comfort and a loyal team. 



1:05 Tell us about Yippee Farms and how you came in as a manager to consolidate four dairies into one main site?

4:27 What were some of the efficiencies of the main facility that led you to move the cows from other locals to this site?

6:32 Tell us how you further fine-tuned efficiencies of procedures, like milking.

10:50 How did you time yourself on milking procedures?

11:30 Talk about how you timed yourself for the procedures in the parlor. 

13:45 You didn’t grow up on a farm. Did you end up managing a dairy?

16:00 Let’s look at some of the other areas where you maximize efficiency, including the way you staff employees for milking shifts. 

19:20 Do you offer employee bonuses or raises?

21:37 Is labor something you struggle with?

27:45 How do you measure your success as a manager?

31:00 What do you think it will take to hit your 7 pounds of combined solids goal?

33:20 What other goals are on your list going into 2021?

37:07 Rapid fire questions:

Favorite ice cream flavor

One thing on your bucket list 

Last Netflix series you watched

Favorite podcast

If you sit down for dinner with any person, past, present or future, who would it be?


To talk more about gaining efficiencies, Nate Heim can be reached at 717-903-1677 or .


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