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[Podcast] Millennial podcasters Valene Lickley and Katharine Lotspeich: No topic is off-limits

Progressive Dairy Published on 18 August 2020

Valene Lickley and Katharine Lotspeich are the co-hosts of the Millennial Ag podcast. Editor Walt Cooley interviews them as they approach their one-year anniversary of the launch of their podcast. The mantra of their podcast is that no topic is off-limits. This episode lives up to it.



Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • How did the two of you get connected? [~3:15]
  • Tell me a little about your background and your day jobs. [~4:45]
  • What is the origin story for your podcast? [~8:15]
  • You’ve done almost 50 episodes in one year. That’s quite a feat! [~13:25]
  • How would you describe your podcast’s usual topics? [~15:00]
  • What’s been one of the most uncomfortable/vulnerable moments on your show? [~18:00]
  • How would you summarize what you learned through your recent podcasts about mental health? [~21:45]
  • So I consider myself a “xennial” – that microgeneration between Generation X and millennials (1977 and 1985). You two are good at asking questions because you are hosts yourself. So what question would each of you like to ask me, a xennial, working in agriculture? [~30:00]
  • What advice would you have for a young dairy or ag professional? [~33:30]


This article about how host Walt Cooley is connected with Katharine Lotspeich’s family is referenced in this podcast.


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