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[Podcast] Pete Turk and Mike North: Risk management and forwarding contracting

Progressive Dairy Published on 29 October 2019

In this episode, Editor Walt Cooley talks with the new principal partners of Vault Ag about forward contracting and risk management in the dairy industry. 

In October 2019, Rice Dairy LLC in Chicago, Illinois, and Commodity Risk Management Group in Platteville, Wisconsin, announced a partnership between the two businesses to create a single brokerage company that will service the agriculture and dairy industries under the banner of Vault Ag Holding Company LLC. I got a chance to sit down with Pete Turk and Mike North to discuss risk management and forward contracting.



Here is a breakdown of the episode:

What is Vault Ag? [~2:30]

How is risk management in the dairy industry changing?  [~3:40]

How is margin projection still evolving?  [~5:50]

What’s the worst advice about risk management out there today?  [~7:30]

Is there enough liquidity in the futures market for a consolidation of two brokerages?  [~10:15]

What’s your thought-provoking idea for milk producers?  [~14:00]


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