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[Podcast] The Culture Code book review with dairyman Derek Orth

Progressive Dairy Published on 01 September 2020

Editor-in-chief Walt Cooley and Wisconsin dairyman Derek Orth discuss The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle and how the principles in the book could be applied to dairy farm and employee management. Derek has written before for Progressive Dairy about his voracious “reading,” or rather, listening to books. He says The Culture Code is one of those books he’s re-read or listened to several times.



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Here is a breakdown of the episode:

Tell me about your farm. [~2:15]

How do you consume books with a busy farming schedule? [~4:00]

Discussion about book’s three main principles to building a strong culture: (1) Build safety, (2) share vulnerability, (3) establish purpose [~5:50]

How can dairy farms build a “safe” culture? [~6:40]

COVID-19 has disrupted many culture-building practices. [~8:40]

How to help new employees know your workplace culture is safe [~9:25]

What does sharing vulnerability on a dairy farm sound like? [~11:00]

Three questions every leader should be asking employees [~12:10]

  • What is one thing that I currently do that you’d like me to continue to do?
    ¿Que es lo que actualmente hago que te que gustaría que continuase haciendo?
  • What is one thing that I don’t currently do frequently enough that you think I should do more often?
    ¿Que es algo que no hago frecuentemente que debería hacerlo más?
  • What can I do to make you more effective?
    ¿Que puedo hacer para ser más eficiente?

The book suggests eye contact to build culture. Is that harder to do a dairy? [~14:30]

The questions that our brains are wired to answer about our workplace all the time [~17:30]

Building team culture requires sweat equity. [~19:25]

How can a dairy establish purpose on the farm? [~21:15]

Why job descriptions and employee instructions should be as simple as possible [~25:30]

Why personalized farm T-shirts could help increase employee retention [~27:00]

What’s one decision you need to make soon but haven’t made your mind up about it yet? [~29:45]


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