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[Podcast] Tim Moffett: The Manure Spreader

Progressive Dairy Published on 07 July 2020

This episode is with regular Progressive Dairy columnist Tim Moffett. Tim is a dairy-farmer comedian. You can find his humor in every issue of the magazine on the inside back cover. Tim has had some time on his hands due to COVID-19 and its prohibition on large gatherings. Thus, many of his scheduled performances have been canceled. He’s itching to get back on stage. During this episode, Tim talks about his upbringing on the farm and brought a few humorous clips from his live performances. He tells the back stories of those jokes. 



Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • Explain your dairy background. [~1:30]
  • The youngest of six kids, huh? Are younger siblings usually more funny than older ones? [~4:00]
  • Recall the most epic practical joke you remember played while growing up. [~5:00]
  • Tell me how you got into comedy. [~6:00]
  • What have you been doing during COVID-19? [~8:00]
  • How would you explain your comedy style to others? [~9:05]
  • Who's your comedic icon? [~9:40]
  • Explain how you got connected with Larry the Cable Guy to produce your album. [~12:00]
  • What's been the highlight of your comedy career to this point? [~13:15]
  • Comedy sketch: My childhood school bus [~17:00]
  • Comedy sketch: My 4-H experience [~19:30]
  • Comedy sketch: Potluck dinner [~22:30]
  • Comedy sketch: Alternative milks [~27:55]
  • What's your favorite comment/story from a reader reaching out to you? [~30:50]


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