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[Podcast] U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award Winner, MVP Dairy – featuring Ken McCarty

Progressive Dairy Published on 07 July 2021
Ken McCarty

Ken McCarty is a fourth-generation owner of McCarty Family Farms, which owns MVP Dairy LLC in Celina, Ohio, with partner VanTilburg Farms. MVP Dairy was recently recognized as a U.S. Dairy Sustainability Award winner. Hear from Ken about their holistic approach and mindset around cow comfort, soil health, worker care and community engagement with 4,400 cows and 4,500 acres of cropland in their care.

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Season 3, Episode 22


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • [~1:15] What brought the McCarty and VanTilburg families together to form MVP Dairy LLC?
  • [~3:25] Explain the partnership with Danone North America.
  • [~5:40] Starting with the cows, describe your mindset when it comes to how cows are cared for at MVP Dairy. 
  • [~8:20] What benchmarks are independent third-party audits (above and beyond the FARM Program) evaluating?
  • [~13:00] What technologies and efficiencies allow you to optimize animal health, productivity and longevity?
  • [~15:30] How are you using genetics to create a more sustainable cow?
  • [~19:20] Let’s move on to the environmental sustainability aspect. What are the innovative ways in which you protect soil health and manage manure?
  • [~21:30] Tell us about your collaboration with Danone North America to establish regenerative farming practices.
  • [~26:20] Another aspect of your sustainability initiatives is ensuring the comfort and welfare of your employees. Describe what that means to you.
  • [~29:00] What does it mean to be distinguished as a Certified B Corporation?
  • [~31:40] How does the team make transparency and educating the community at large a top priority here? 
  • [~34:05] What aspects make the Dairy Learning Center unique?
  • [~35:35] What is your “why” – the underlying reason you and your partners work so hard to create a sustainable business?
  • [~37:20] And now, before we close out, it’s time for a little fun with some rapid-fire questions. I’ll ask you a short answer question, and you provide a brief response:
    • Favorite quote?
    • Chocolate milk or white milk?
    • Best book you’ve read or listened to lately?
    • If you could have dinner with any one person, past, present or future, who would it be and why?
    • Favorite ice cream flavor?
    • What is one thing on your bucket list?


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