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[Podcast] Willow Behrer Farms: Pete Posnett and Allen Behrer

Progressive Dairy Published on 25 May 2021

Willow Behrer Farms recently won an innovation award for producing their own on-farm videos to be used for employee training. In this episode, listeners hear from Pete Posnett who is the farm’s herdsman. He’s the one who produces the farm’s videos. And you’ll hear from the farm’s owner – Allen Behrer.

Also on this podcast is an introduction to the farm by Emily Barge from the Center for Dairy Excellence. The center is the one that presented the award to the farm. She talks about the center’s own podcast – Cowside Conversations. Learn more about that podcast here.


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Season 3, Episode 16


Here is a breakdown of the episode:

  • What is the Center for Dairy Excellence? [~2:00]
  • Tell me about the Cowside Conversations podcast. [~4:00]
  • What is the award that Willow Behrer Farms has won? [~5:30]
  • What makes Willow Behrer Farms impressive? [~7:00]
  • Tell us about Willow Behrer Farms. [~8:30]
  • Explain the evolution of how you have documented and are now training employees about your dairy’s protocols. [~11:15]
  • How are you now using video to train employees? [~13:15]
  • How did you decide which training videos were the most important to make first? [~15:00]
  • As an owner, what do you like about using videos for training? [~16:45]
  • Overall, how do you get training that is unique and specific for your farm? [~18:15]
  • Has video training produced a good return on investment? [~19:45]
  • How are you using videos to provide employee feedback? [~21:30]
  • Are there other uses for video training that you would like to try? [~23:45]
  • What’s the key to making on-farm video training work? [~29:00]
  • Describe what it’s like training your employees for work on dairy farms on two different sites.  [~30:45]
  • Do multisite dairies really work well? [~32:15]
  • If you could wave a magic wand and change something about your dairy, what would you change? [~33:45] 
  • What is a decision you need to make but haven’t made up your mind about yet? [~35:00]
  • How would you spend $10,000 for your farm? [~37:45]
  • What’s the best investment you’ve made on your dairy? [~38:15]


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