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California dairymen discuss Foundation for the Future

PD Staff Published on 27 April 2011

Recently, MPC and California Dairy Campaign co-hosted an industry meeting in Visalia to delve into National Milk Producers Federation’s “Foundation for the Future” (FFTF).

The meeting attracted about 160 people, a vast majority of whom were dairy farmers. It was moderated by CDC Executive Director Kevin Abernathy, and was broken into five main parts:



1. An opening statement from MPC President Syp Vander Dussen.

2. Rob Vandenheuvel’s presentation on the details of NMPF’s “Foundation for the Future.”

3. A panel discussion by MPC Vice-President Geoffrey Vanden Heuvel and CDC Board Member Joaquin Contente.

4. A closing statement by Cornell Kasbergen, Tulare dairyman and NMPF Director.

5. A Q&A session, with the audience directing questions to Kasbergen, Contente and Geoffrey Vanden Heuvel.


Vandenheuvel said it seemed clear that the dairy producers able to attend this meeting walked out with a much clearer picture of FFTF and the issues surrounding it than when they walked in. PD

Boards oppose NMPF’s dairy policy package
The leaders of the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) recently voted to support IDFA’s dairy policy reform recommendations and to oppose the National Milk Producers Federation’s dairy policy package.

The directors of the Milk Industry Foundation, the National Cheese Institute and the International Ice Cream Association met recently to review current policy reform proposals and approved the IDFA’s policy recommendations that would reform the Federal Milk Marketing Orders.


IDFA’s policy recommendations will replace existing safety net programs with different risk management tools for producers. IDFA proposals will also reform the Federal Milk Marketing Order system from a complex, outdated program to a system that is simpler and encourages growth within the industry.

Recommendations include:


• Replacing the outdated and ineffective Dairy Product Price Support Program (DPPSP) and Dairy Export Incentive Program (DEIP) with better risk management tools for producers;

• Strengthening dairy risk management tools, including forward contracting, the Livestock Gross Margin-Dairy program, catastrophic margin insurance for all dairy farmers and tax-deferred farm savings accounts; and

• Simplifying the Federal Milk Marketing Orders program.

—From IDFA news release