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Herd management tour showcases ABS progeny and programs

ABS Global Published on 28 June 2011

ABS Global held its 2011 Spring Tour June 6-9 in scenic Idaho. The tour drew more than 60 participants worldwide, including individuals from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, and the U.S. On the tour, participants were able to view progeny as well as outstanding results of ABS programs including Reproductive Management System (RMS), Genetic Management System (GMS), and the ABS Cornerstone progeny test program.

Ian Hildon, ABS regional manager said, “With the large scale of the operations visited and their strong commitment to ABS genetics, we were able to view large groups of both Holstein and Jersey sired-progeny at each operation. This is a rare opportunity that allowed those on the tour to see the consistency of the groups on several operations. In addition to seeing progeny from ABS mainline sires, it was exciting to view and discuss progeny from a number of young sires and August prospects.”



The group had the opportunity to view successful GMS results at Whitesides Dairy in Rupert, Idaho, including daughters by 29HO11605 GABE, 29HO10483 JAMMER and 529HO11084 SCRIMMAGE. Standout daughter groups at Aardema’s Double A Dairy in Jerome, Idaho, included Holstein mainline sires 29HO11614 JEEVES, 29HO11145 AMMO, 29HO11153 HOMESTEAD and 29HO11509 MATSON. At Aardema’s Dairy #2, outstanding Jersey daughters were viewed from sires 29JE3301 IATOLA, 29JE3346 JEVON, 29JE3509 KARL, and August prospect 29JE3583 BRAHMS. Leading the way at Bettencourt’s Dairy also of Jerome, Idaho, were daughters of 29HO13325 MAGNETISM, 29HO13459 GOLDENBOY, and 29HO13536 PRENTICE.

In addition to viewing progeny, this tour featured herds with elite infrastructures and management. This included visiting superior calf and heifer facilities at Millenkamp Cattle, Inc., Jerome, Idaho, and East Valley Cattle Company, LLC of Malta, Idaho, and transition cow operations at Aardema and Double A Dairies. PD

—From ABS Global news release