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Plugging in: How you can connect to the expo in 2017

Progressive Dairyman Staff Writer Jaclyn Krymowski Published on 25 September 2017
Plugging in

World Dairy Expo (WDE) makes an effort to reach as many dairy enthusiasts as possible. Providing up-to-date, reliable information is just as important to those who can’t be physically present as to exhibitors.

Thanks to social media and today’s technology, the dairy community has several options to plug into the expo for those on the grounds and for others living the experience through a computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world.



Every year, WDE is represented across all social media platforms with an annual hashtag. This year, be sure to promote all your WDE posts and pictures with #WDE17.



‘World Dairy Expo’



Boasting 37,000 followers, the Facebook page is the top go-to social media platform for all things expo. Opening ceremonies, shows and awards will be aired on Facebook Live. Real-time show updates will also be posted daily.



Twitter ‘@WDExpo’


With over 9,000 followers, this is the perfect tool for those short and sweet at-a-glance class updates and other expo happenings.




‘World Dairy Expo’


WDE launched this account just last year, and it’s since been a very popular choice of tuning in, especially within the millennial demographic. Users can follow WDE’s story in short videos and photos for the big week and all year long.



Instagram ‘WDExpo’


Another millennial favorite, this account is the one to follow for anyone who appreciates the picturesque dairy photography that can only come from WDE.

ExpoTV and WXPO Channel 4

Expo enthusiasts may be familiar with this TV option. It’s the next best thing to being at the ringside in person, allowing viewers to watch classes and see live results. New this year, WDE is excited to bring a fourth channel that will be broadcasting the trade show and seminars. Not near a TV? The expo’s YouTube channel and website will also be streaming live.



‘World Dairy Expo’


Never miss a moment on the Coliseum floor thanks to this channel, with classes and ceremonies available both live and recorded. Plus, you can relive years’ worth of previous classes and WDE promotions at any time right here.

Texting results

Back again this year, you can opt in to have real-time dairy cattle show results (the first-place winner of each class and champions) sent to your cell phone via text. Individuals can choose a specific breed or have results for all breed shows sent to them. To get results, text “WDERESULTS” to (727) 4-WDEXPO ([727] 493-3976).

After signing up, you will receive the following message: “Thank you for your interest in WDE Breed Show Results.” To select the breed show you wish to subscribe to, reply with “WDERESULTS” followed by “All,” “AY,” “BS,” “HO,” “JE,” “JRHO,” “MS” and/or “RW.” To unsubscribe, text “WDERESULTS Stop.”

Once enrolled, you will receive the following message: “You are subscribed to receive WDE {breed} show results. Individuals can register for multiple breeds at one time (e.g., AY, HO, MS).  end mark

Jaclyn Krymowski was a 2017 editorial intern.