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Published on 12 September 2016
World Dairy Expo 50

Join World Dairy Expo to ‘Celebrate 50’

2016 marks the 50th anniversary of World Dairy Expo – a celebration of the journey from a small World Food Expo in 1967 to the internationally renowned show of today.



This year’s expo will take a look back at 50 years of history and the people whose passion and dedication helped build the show from the ground up.

In celebration of this exciting milestone, a special 50th anniversary open house, hosted by World Dairy Expo, will be held Wednesday, Oct. 5, beginning at 5 p.m. in the Alliant Energy Center’s Exhibition Hall. This free event will provide expo stakeholders a chance to gather and exchange memories while enjoying a night of food, fun and entertainment.

“The open house is designed for anyone connected to World Dairy Expo, whether a cattle or commercial exhibitor, attendee or volunteer, judge or judging team member,” says Joan Lau, World Dairy Expo Board of Directors and 50th Anniversary Committee member. “Anyone who loves the expo is welcome to attend. It will be a fun evening to reminisce, share stories and celebrate the show’s rich history. It’s the expo’s way of saying thanks for 50 great years.”

Elements from past years will also be featured throughout the grounds during the show. Expo-goers will have the chance to walk down memory lane with the 50th anniversary historical display, located on the mezzanine level of New Holland Pavilion 1.

“The historical display will provide a glimpse into the past through photos and memorabilia collected over five decades,” says Debbie Crave, World Dairy Expo Board of Directors and 50th Anniversary Committee member. “Seeing how the show was built, past events and endless memories will add a unique touch to this year’s celebration.”


Special 50th anniversary events will take place throughout the week, starting with an official kick-off to the show during Tuesday morning’s opening ceremony and continuing through the selection of Supreme Champion on Saturday evening.

Schedule of Events

Tuesday, Oct. 4
World Dairy Expo Historical Display
(Pavilion 1)
Daily 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

World Dairy Expo 50th Anniversary Opening Ceremony
8 a.m.
This brief presentation will conclude with a surprise reveal.

Wednesday, Oct. 5
World Dairy Expo Historical Display
(Pavilion 1)
Daily 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

50th Anniversary Open House
Hosted by World Dairy Expo
(Exhibit Hall)
5 p.m. – 9 p.m.
This free event is open to all expo attendees and enthusiasts. There will be food, drink, entertainment and fun.

Thursday, Oct. 6
World Dairy Expo Historical Display
(Pavilion 1)
Daily 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Friday, Oct. 7
World Dairy Expo Historical Display
(Pavilion 1)
Daily 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

 Saturday, Oct. 8
World Dairy Expo Historical Display
(Pavilion 1)
Daily 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Parade of Champions and Selection of 2016
Supreme Champions
5 p.m.
The expo concludes with the pageantry of the Supreme Ceremony. This year will be special with extra glamour.

World Dairy Expo offers 50th anniversary painting

As the official kick-off to the 50th anniversary of World Dairy Expo, a commemorative painting was unveiled on Tuesday, June 14, at the Summer Board Meeting and Friends of Expo Volunteer Picnic, hosted by Vita Plus Corporation. The painting was completed by artist Larry Schultz of Sunny Beach Farm Studio.

Schultz was approached four years ago about creating a painting for the expo’s 50th anniversary. He was able to capture an image that combines all facets of the expo – spanning the five-decade history and showcasing iconic moments, animals and people.

“We really wanted to include as many elements of the expo as possible,” Schultz says. “The cows, the famous globe – that and the Coliseum itself are almost a lifelong thing. We wanted to also incorporate commercial (elements); we tried to touch everything. Together, we put quite a bit of thought into it. We wanted to show the whole entire experience.”

Prints can be ordered from the 50th anniversary page on the World Dairy Expo website ( Paper prints are available in three sizes, including 8-by-10 inches, 16-by-20 inches and 18-by-24 inches. Additionally, a canvas wrap is available in 16-by-11 inches.

World Dairy Expo celebrates 50 years of memories in commemorative book

As World Dairy Expo celebrates its 50th anniversary, journalists have collaborated to create a historical book reminiscing on 50 years of expo memories. The limited edition commemorative book, We Need a Show, gives insight into how the show began, the struggles and successes over the years and a look into what the future might hold.

“The show’s growth and development into the world’s most respected and renowned dairy event is, indeed, a success story,” says Corey Geiger, Hoard’s Dairyman managing editor and 50th Anniversary Book Committee co-chair. “We Need a Show is the story of that successful journey.”

The project spanned three years and was a collaboration of dozens of volunteer writers who put in hundreds of hours of research, writing and editing. In all, 40 writers contributed to the book, bringing 50 years of insight and memories to life.

With eight chapters and over 200 pictures, the hard-cover book features interviews with expo legends and iconic images that bring the story to life.

“While not every story could be told on these pages,” says Geiger, “we hope we have captured the spirit of the world’s greatest dairy show.”

The book’s title hints at the origins of World Dairy Expo, when Wisconsin dairyman Allen Hetts had the idea that the dairy industry needed a grand show.

“It provides the theme for the book, as the rallying cry of ‘We need a show’ was the first step of the 50-year journey that led to World Dairy Expo as we know it today,” says Geiger.

We Need a Show will be for sale exclusively during the expo. Books will sell for $25 plus tax and can be purchased in the Purple Cow Gift Shop and in the west lobby of the Coliseum.  end mark

—From World Dairy Expo

PHOTO: Image courtesy of World Dairy Expo.