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World Dairy Expo: Which state has the most dairy pride?

PD Editor Emily Caldwell Published on 21 September 2010


Every year World Dairy Expo serves as the meeting ground for more than 65,000 producers, exhibitors and industry representatives. And if you're proud to be one of those 65,000, we want to get to know you.



Stop by the Progressive Dairyman booth, located in the Arena Building (AR 441-442). Our 8-foot by 10-foot Proud to Dairy map will be hard to miss. Stop and tell us about your dairy.

We’ll give you a sticker dot and have you place it on the map near the area that most represents your dairy pride. In addition to the 50 states, we'll have space available for international visitors.

Once you’ve made your mark on the map, be sure to get your Proud to Dairy button. There’s a blank line on the button for you to fill in where you’re from.

Then wear your button with pride around the show grounds and tell your fellow dairy enthusiasts (especially those from your same area) where they can get their own Proud to Dairy button. Flood the crowd with evidence of your state’s pride.

We’ll be sure to announce which dairy area got the most sticker dots throughout the week on Twitter and in our next edition of the magazine.


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