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World Dairy Expo 2019: Featured World Dairy Expo sponsor: Compeer Financial

Progressive Dairy Editorial Intern Courtney Moser Published on 30 September 2019
Watching a virtual farm tour

World Dairy Expo is enjoyed by more than 65,000 people from nearly 100 countries each year. At the annual event, board members, sponsors and countless volunteers come together to make it the best possible experience for visitors, industry professionals and exhibitors.

Compeer Financial has been actively involved with sponsoring events at World Dairy Expo for over four decades now. As a member-owned, Farm Credit cooperative, they seek to serve and support agriculture and rural communities, and sponsoring events at WDE is one of the many ways they strive to do so.



Rebecca Peterson, associate communications consultant for Compeer Financial, shares more about Compeer’s role as a sponsor of WDE with Progressive Dairy.

In what capacity is Compeer Financial involved with World Dairy Expo?

PETERSON: Compeer Financial has a long-standing relationship with World Dairy Expo. We have served as a sponsor for numerous educational events that take place throughout the grounds [including virtual farm tours and educational seminars on topics such as building stronger dairy owner/banker relationships and solutions for phosphorus trade-offs in no-till farming].

In addition, we have served as a sponsor to a variety of awards throughout the years. Our involvement also extends to our team members, who have served as moderators during seminars and as panelists throughout the expo over the years.

Through having a long-standing relationship with WDE, we have had the opportunity to be involved in many aspects as both sponsors and participants, including several years serving as a sponsor of the benches around the expo grounds.


How long has Compeer participated in WDE events?

PETERSON: Compeer’s involvement with WDE has evolved over the years. It’s a partnership that began over 40 years ago, and we look forward to seeing that continue in the years ahead.

What opportunities does Compeer provide to exhibitors and guests at WDE?

PETERSON: In addition to direct sponsorships and our on-site participation, Compeer partners with and provides support to dairy organizations that hold events in conjunction with WDE.

Compeer will sponsor the Tanbark at the 2019 World Dairy Expo

At the 2019 WDE, Compeer will sponsor the Tanbark room, located on the east end of the Sale Pavilion, for the first time. The Tanbark room serves as a gathering space for people to come and purchase refreshments throughout the expo.


We are also proud to be partnering with GrassWorks as a co-sponsor of their grazing booth, which serves as a resource on managed grazing to producers in the industry. Also in 2019, we are serving as a sponsor for the 4-H Dairy Conference taking place during the expo.

The Tanbark serves as a gathering space for people to enjoy

Compeer will also be sponsoring awards this year, including the fitting and showmanship awards, as well as continuing our sponsorship of the Dairy Woman of the Year Award.

Why is it important to Compeer to participate in the annual event?

PETERSON: World Dairy Expo is located in the heart of our territory, and being a part of it serves as an extension to the work we do every day in serving our clients and the dairy industry. It’s the largest industry trade show of its kind and allows us the opportunity to know what’s happening across the industry. The expo also offers us the chance to connect with our clients and partners attending the show. WDE is the place to be for those in the industry that first week in October.

What motivates Compeer to be involved in WDE each year?

PETERSON: It’s a continuation of us living our mission of championing agriculture and rural America. In this case, WDE provides an opportunity for us to focus on the dairy industry as we show our support and show we’re proud of all they’ve accomplished.  end mark

PHOTO 1: An audience watches a virtual farm tour sponsored by Compeer Financial at the 2018 WDE. Photo by Trevor Olson Photography, courtesy of World Dairy Expo.

PHOTO 2: Among other roles, Compeer will sponsor The Tanbark at the 2019 World Dairy Expo. Photo by Kelly Kendall Studios, courtesy of World Dairy Expo.

PHOTO 3: The Tanbark serves as a gathering space for people to enjoy while watching the live show on TV. Photo by Trevor Olson Photography, courtesy of World Dairy Expo.