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PD POLL, final results: Should the sale of raw milk be legalized? [August 11]

PD Staff Published on 05 August 2011


In the next few pages we will share some of the information we have gleaned from the data and results of our most recent poll. The most recent poll asked whether or not (raw) milk should be legalized for retail in all 50 states.



Votes by date
The graph to the right chronicles voting over the life of the poll, which began in May and ended in July. A signficant spike in votes corresponded with the awareness campaign promoted by the Weston A. Price Foundation. (Click here for the full story.)


Yes: Most definitely! People are allowed to buy liquor, cigarettes and many other harmful things to the body if they choose. Why can’t we buy something that God has given us if we choose?
Tara McNaughton
McNaughton Family Farm
Duncannon, Pennsylvania

Yes: If we produce a high-quality product, why should we not be allowed to charge more for our product when we have willing buyers? What right does IDFA and Connie Tipton have to condemn it?
Kenneth S. Horst
Phelps, New York

Yes: Let’s stop the black market by making it legal. We have the technology to create a safe raw product. Why endorse a 1940s technology? How many farmers milk by hand?


I sell my grass-fed beef, chicken and pork and raw milk cheese (aged 60 days and over) at farmers’ markets. I get asked almost every day if I sell raw milk. No, it is illegal in Maryland. Invariably, they (the consumer) say pasteurized milk creates an allergic reaction. The Maryland consumer goes into Pennsylvania where it is legal, which takes money out of Maryland dairy farmers’ pockets.

Wake up dairy industry. It’s not the container but the product that makes or breaks the sale.
Jacob E Horst
Marl Rock Dairy
Hagerstown, Maryland

Yes: Why has Dairy Farmers of America been so against this? More people get sick from eating at fast food restaurants than drinking raw milk. There is no bad raw milk, only bad producers.
Mike Moyers
Sandy Creek Farm
Bridgeport, Texas


Yes: I was raised on raw milk and still drink it. I believe it’s good for the immune system. No one is forced into drinking raw milk, so I really don’t see the problem. Maybe government should be checking out other things. Legalize – yes!!
Jo Akerberg
Camp Douglas, Wisconsin

Yes: I have read with interest the pieces dealing with selling or not selling raw milk. I think a point that is being missed is that pasteurization is an out-of-date process. I think that we have technology and smart people who can come up with a better process, one that a farmer could afford to do on the farm, one that does not destroy the properties that make milk a superfood, and one that does away with deadly pathogens. We can do this!


We have had lunch with our kids at school, and it’s no wonder milk consumption is going down. They served skim milk, lukewarm and in clunky paper cartons. It was awful.
Greg Kropf
Westphalia, Kansas

Yes: If raw milk was so toxic, we would be extinct. For hundreds of years humans flourished on raw milk.
Tami C.
StrykJersey Farm

Yes: The raw milk in Texas is purer than ever due to vaccinations of cattle (to prevent undulant fever) and testing of milk. Refrigeration preserves it even better than before.
Paula McNatt
Stryk Jersey Farm

Yes: Surely our Founding Fathers would be dismayed to see a time in the United States of America when the small farmer cannot sell his product at a fair price because of government intervention. Maybe it’s time to do a poll with consumers and see what concerns them more, unpasteurized milk, bST or genetically modified foods.
David and MaryBeth Horst
Penn Yan, New York

Yes: Let’s be honest. This issue has very little to do with public safety and has everything to do with control. Of course NMPF doesn’t want farmers to sell milk out of their tanks. If this catches on, they’re in trouble. For each pound of milk that never goes through their hands, it is one step closer to losing control.

I vote … Let me sell my raw milk to whoever wants to buy it. There are bigger problems in this country than focusing on this. Chances are, this will likely not change! The last time I checked, there’s not much money in solving problems.
Mike Eby
Dairy Farmer
Hagerstown, Maryland


Yes: Give the consumer the choice. We sell cigarettes and alcohol. Those have far worse consequences than raw milk.
Mervin Fox
Martinsburg, Pennsylvania

Yes: I have been drinking raw milk for 57 years and so have our 28 families. We love it. FDA prescription drugs have sickened more people and killed more people than raw milk ever will. If you want to enforce a law, go to 400,000 somatic cell count.
Mike Gross
Gross Dairy
Marlin, Washington

Yes: We and our great-grandparents before us, grandparents, parents and children all drink our raw milk (have for years). We know people who drink and benefit from our raw milk but can’t tolerate store-bought milk (pasteurized). They also like the taste much better!
Luke and Desiree Heinemann
Janet Heinemann
Paula (Grant) Heinemann
Holstein Valley Dairy
Medical Lake, Washington