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1708 PD: Proud to Dairy update

Published on 26 November 2008

The Proud to Dairy network continues to grow across the country. We have had interest shown from June Dairy Month organizers in Vermont to a race car team wishing to display the Proud to Dairy logo on their race car in the upcoming race season!

Where else could you see Proud to Dairy this next year? Send your ideas to



Progressive Dairyman would like to congratulate Josie Riser of JOBO Holstein Farm in Gettysburg Pennsylvania for being the winner of the Proud to Dairy Clock which was displayed at our booth at the 2008 World Dairy Expo. Congratulations Josie!

Make sure to check out everything that is going on with Proud to Dairy on our website.
Proud to Dairy’s website has made a shift in look and functionality recently. The new Proud to Dairy website provides users the ability to post pictures, video and stories about their operations and network with others who are also Proud to Dairy.

You will still find stories about producers as well as videos from World Dairy Expo. There are over 30 now available online with more being uploaded each week. Make sure to check back often.

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